Best countries to invest in real estate

Best countries to invest in real estate – We’re going to be looking at countries that hold the greatest promise to an American investor.

Had we done this from the standpoint of a European or Japanese investor, the list might look quite a bit different but then again, maybe it wouldn’t!

We’re also going to consider several criteria for each selection, based on the advantages that country specifically holds. It could be geography, climate, culture, economy and finances, investment opportunities, safe haven status in the event of a global meltdown, or the state of the local real estate market.

Best countries to invest in real estate


Asia has been on the forefront of global economic growth for at least the past 20 years. Singapore has benefited from this development in that it represents the gateway to the Asian continent.

A former British colony, Singapore has inherited much of the highly successful British system of law, economics, trade, and finances. For this reason, the country is rapidly becoming the banker nation to much in the Asian market.

Singapore has the fourth highest per capita gross domestic product in the world, and is rapidly becoming one of the leading financial centers in the world, on a par with New York, London, and Tokyo.

Wealthy Asians, and Asian companies, are managing their finances through Singapore banks and brokerage firms. At the same time, non-Asian firms are increasingly doing business in Singaporeas the best way to get a foothold in the Asian market.

From an investment standpoint, Singapore is pricey. That can make it a location primarily for the very well-to-do and the outright wealthy. However, since the country has attained the status as the safe haven for wealth in Asia, it is likely that money will continue to pour into the island nation at an even greater rate in the event of economic or financial difficulties sweeping the rest of the world.


Not only is Canada similar to the United States to the point of being almost indistinguishable on a day-to-day basis (English-language, English law, time zones, etc.) but it’s also one of the most prosperous countries in the world.

As a supplier nation (oil, food, raw materials) it is less subject to the economic ups and downs than the US and Europe are.

This point is not lost on wealthy internationals, particularly the Chinese. They are flocking to Canada, particularly to the Vancouver area, seeing it as a safe haven from potential troubles at home.

The downside to Canada is the cost of real estate. There are few bargains in high-priced metropolitan areas like Toronto and Vancouver. However Canada is a vast country, slightly larger than the US, that provides opportunities to find property in a variety of market areas.

The fact that it’s a well-developed country, and close to the US, means that there are an abundance of suitable places to buy property across the country.

In addition, as a US citizen, your business and career skills are generally readily transferable from the US to Canada to a greater degree than anywhere else.


Australia has certain similarities to Canada from a real estate investment standpoint. Everyone speaks English there, and laws and customs are very similar to what they are throughout the English-speaking world.

The country offers a full range of property types, from high-priced urban locations, to inexpensive rural areas. And the entire country surrounded by some of the best beaches in the world.

There are some negatives to Australia however. The country is located thousands of miles from the US, making back and forth travel not only expensive, but also time-consuming.

And being in the southern hemisphere, the seasons are the exact opposite of what they are in North America. It can take some getting used to.


Up until the property crash in 2007, Spain – and it’s real estate – was booming. It wasn’t merely that the world had suddenly discovered Spain as a good place to own property, but also because the country was making tremendous economic strides. The resulting building boom was evident nationwide, the result of an economic boom that had spread across nearly every industry in the country.

While Spain has seen a major decline in its economic fortunes since the meltdown, many of the basic reasons why you would invest in real estate there still exist. It has some of the finest – and the most extensive – beachfront property in Europe. And it has become a haven for investors throughout Europe.

Ironically, the real estate bust has only made Spain more attractive. Many once high-priced properties are now going for just pennies on the dollar, creating an excellent opportunity not only to find a good place to live, but also excellent investments.

On the downside, Spain is still struggling to come out of the economic doldrums, and it may be years before there’s a full recovery. If you can wait it out, Spain could represent a once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunity.


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