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Beautifully  Blossoming After Baby

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pregnancy weight and excess fat

naturally and safely without dieting

So you’ve gained a lot of weight during pregnancy, although everybody told you that much of it would be shed during delivery and the rest during the first months of breastfeeding.

Yet in fact, you find that nothing has really changed!
You’re still stuck with all those extra pounds.
And despite trying to utilize all the good advice from your friends about how get rid of those excess pounds – nothing’s really changed.
That stubborn fat just seems to be here to stay.

So here it is – your invitation to join the beautiful journey of BLOSSOM.
A journey where the destination is YOU falling in love with your newly-shaped body and YOUR BABY being loved by your newly-nutritious milk.

The beautiful thing about losing weight during lactation is that you can and should eat more, and yet all the while you’re still losing weight.
The only reason that hasn’t happened until now is simply because you haven’t become familiar with the “Sacred Art of Slender,” which is the only thing differentiating you from women who are “naturally” thin.

Now this sacred art can be yours.

Through the online course “BLOSSOM,” you’ll receive all the principles that assist women just like you to be naturally thin and toned.

As a teenager and later as a college student, if there was something that really upset me on a daily basis, something that made me feel that there’s no justice in the world, it was to see all those skinny girls eating whatever they wanted and not gain an ounce, while I had to restrict myself and feel hungry all the time in order to achieve the same figure. That made me really miserable.

And if that wasn’t depressing enough, there was also the issue that every time I felt like eating I needed to weigh it like this:

Can you believe, though, that there’s actually another option – a third option!
To EAT and be satisfied, BUT also to be THIN and happy with my body!
Once I discovered the “Sacred Art of Slender,” my life really changed.
I began to eat much more than I used to in my teens and twenties, and yet I stayed thin and even became more toned and taught.

Below I’ve included a recent pictures of myself.

Yup! That’s me… a forty-year-old mommy, after 3 pregnancies and 3 deliveries!

So you see, I’ve succeeded to attain the body that I always wanted, and it’s not by genes!
It’s simply by following few principles that now can be yours.

I want to join BLOSSOM NOW and receive the principles for getting my desired body!

Now, as you know, you really don’t have to invest in yourself in this way and begin a journey that’ll require you to make some changes in your life. Indeed, it might not be right for you right now and that’s perfectly fine.

Somewhere within you, though, is that deep desire to experience an even greater version of you than you’ve ever known and she’s so eager to meet you. Do you see it? Just around the corner is that version of you who has lots of energy, feels great in her body, feels happy with herself, and delights in feeding her baby the best quality milk there is.

There’s such a beautiful music that sings out when you connect to that place within you. Do you hear it? It’s what makes the sun shine and the flowers grow… It’s what makes us all blossom inside. It’s the divine melody of beauty. It’s you.

All you need to do is say ‘Yes’ to YOU, and the journey begins NOW.




YES! I want to say YES to celebrating myself
in a whole new way.

Please, enroll me in BLOSSOM now!

So what actually is BLOSSOM?

BLOSSOM is a 16-week journey during which you’ll experience a full transformation – mind, body, and spirit – which will liberate you from struggles with food.
You’ll acquire a whole host of tools that’ll help you to free yourself from a dependence on food. You’ll also take a deep dive into the ins and outs of all that we put into our bodies, receiving precious wisdom and knowledge to help you make better choices regarding what you eat and how you eat. Plus, you’ll gain a deeper awareness of all the wonderful foods that’ll best support your body in releasing excess fat and enriching your milk supply.

Now this is the part where, according to the “marketing experts,” I’m supposed to tell you about the total market value of this program based on all that you’re getting and how it compares with other similar online programs, and the like.

This is also the part where I’m supposed to tell you all about the additional bonuses that you’ll receive when you enroll in the program today.

But the truth is, that’s totally not my style and I find it to be totally disrespectful to you!

I believe in this program immensely and know that it’s a complete package that covers EVERYTHING you’ll need to experience your dream body, without the need for anything else. All those “bonuses” are already included – they’re already in there.

I’m interested in seeing you blossom. I’m not here to try to convince you of anything or sell you anything that you don’t really need. I’m interested in people experiencing the greatest version of themselves and I feel a beautiful, loving sweetness in my heart that this course accomplishes just that.

The beautiful thing about this course is that once you purchase it, it’s available to you for a whole year and you can revisit it whenever you’d like. It can also be taken at your own time, when it most suits you, and when it feels just right – from the comforts of your own home. 

So how much will all this awesomeness cost you?

In keeping with the true spirit of this program, rather than throwing a bunch of numbers at you as a part of the psychological maze I’m supposed to put you through, I’ll just give you the cost.

However, as this is the official launch of the program, I’m delighted to offer it to the first 100 Blossomers at 50% off!!!

Please keep in mind, though, that this absurd price will be available for a limited time only.

In addition, you’ll also have a 30-day money-back guarantee. If during the first 30 days of the journey you decide it’s not for you, you’ll receive a full refund.

So I invite you to ensure your place in the course
while it’s still being offered at this crazy discount!

To get in on the action, click on the button below.

Please enroll me to BLOSSOM
at this crazy discounted rate!

Questions you may have about a journey with BLOSSOM:

Why would I choose this program if I want to lose weight?
BLOSSOM was designed particularly for woman after delivery who want to lose weight during lactation without losing their milk supply, and even while improving their milk quality.
It takes into consideration your unique nutritional requirements during this period of lactation, and the additional conditions commonly experienced at this time (chronic fatigue, lack of time, mood swings, physical and hormonal changes) which sets you apart from other people who simply want to lose weight. 

 What should I expect once I’ve clicked the registration button?
After clicking the registration button, you’ll be taken to the ClickBank payment page.
Once the payment is completed, you’ll be directed to a Thank You page, where you’ll be asked to subscribe to BLOSSOM’s program (no additional charge) in order to activate your course account.
After activating your account, you’ll immediately start to receive the daily emails that will guide you almost every day as you progress through the course.
This is when your beautiful journey begins.

What if I’m not breastfeeding? Will this course be suitable for me?Absolutely yes. In this course there’s a specific focus on breastfeeding moms, but the main principles delivered here are applicable for everyone, even for men. So even if you’re not breastfeeding, this course is certainly for you.

Will I get a tailored nutritional plan?
The only person in the world who knows what fits you best– is YOU. What we do in BLOSSOM is to make YOU your own dietitian so you can personally tailor your own best nutritional plan for yourself. You can then change it according to your ever-changing needs, to your specific state in any given day or at any given period and to times when you’re out of your routine (like vacations, travels, parties, weekends etc.).
You won’t need to be attached to fixed menus or to eat according to formulas that calculate what and how much you’re allowed to eat.

In BLOSSOM you’ll gain the skills necessary to listen to your body and to give it what it needs when it needs it. You won’t need to starve yourself in order to fit to a specific, given menu, and you won’t eat when you aren’t hungry simply because that’s what the menu says (as is the case in some other plans).
You’ll be eating foods that you enjoy in quantities that are suitable for you.
During the journey of BLOSSOM you’ll acquire essential knowledge about nutrition and a wealth of perception-changing tools to assist your body and soul in meeting their needs in the most enjoyable way. It’ll change and enhance your relationship with food forever.

There’s so much free information online, so why should I pay for a weight loss program?
You absolutely don’t have to pay to get nutritional information. As you know, there’s plenty of it online. Just few highlights that you should be aware of, though, when scanning the internet for nutritional information:
– There’s a lot of misleading information about nutrition. If you don’t have the appropriate background, you might not be able to identify which is reliable information and which is not.
– There are many contradictory approaches regarding nutrition. If you don’t have the appropriate background to decipher what is what, you might get confused, overwhelmed, and frustrated, ultimately rendering you feeling defeated and hopeless, feeling that whatever you do won’t be good enough or be the right thing. Then you end up throwing the whole thing out the window and returning to how you’ve always been. 
– Most of the information on the internet is about nutrition. Yet they don’t touch upon a most vital feature of the weight-loss process – the journey one needs to undergo in order to reprogram the mind – releasing old, outdated beliefs about food, the body, and eating – and ultimately experience a whole new relationship with food.  Certainly information about nutrition is great and most imperative to the weight loss process, but it definitely isn’t enough. To make a lasting and consistent change, one must undergo a mental and behavioral change, and it’s VERY challenging to achieve this simply by gathering information online.
– The internet gives you many diet plans for free, but none of them offers a comprehensive, holistic process for change.
– Daily guidance and coaching are essential when beginning a process of change. When you get daily information, daily missions, and daily reminders, when you know that someone is following your progress and performance, and when you’re part of a support group – a community of people going through exactly what you are – it gives you a framework that for most people is essential for establishing solid and lasting change.
– Aside from all the above, it’s absolutely fine to search the internet for free nutritional information.

What if the program doesn’t work for me?
This program is based on the approach of natural nutrition – nature’s way.
This approach returns control of eating back to the body itself, instead of outsourcing it to formulas, nutritional indexes, and artificial menus. But as we aren’t all the same – we’re all unique – and there’s a chance that you’ll find the program not to your liking, you’ll be able step out from the journey within the first 30 days with a full refund.

Why is the price so low?
The price is temporary low as a part of the initial launch of the program. It’s a special offer to celebrate the birth of this beautiful BLOSSOM and is available only for the first 100 registrants.

How long does it take to see results?
The beauty of the BLOSSOM journey is that it places the focus on one’s individual progress, rather than on the end result. This is exactly what makes BLOSSOM so efficient in the process of weight loss. When we hyper-focus on results, we often sabotage our progress inadvertently – it actually ends up preventing us from making real and lasting change. We try to jump to the finish line as fast as possible, forcing us into extreme change over a short period of time, that’s ultimately impossible to sustain. Then, once we reach our goal (if we’re lucky enough to get there) we wind up breaking down and ultimately returning to our previous habits. According to BLOSSOM’s approach, losing weight is not a race, but a glorious winding road – a dance- that takes time, but it’s well worth it because all that you gain during the journey will then be with you forever.
There’s a gentleness here and a harmony with nature. It’s a space that honors the beauty of the process and knows that all good things take time. It’s full of Grace.

Will I have access to one-on-one consultation during the program?
Of course. One of BLOSSOM’s mentors or I will be available for you by e-mail for any questions. In addition, you’ll be part of the BLOSSOM’s Facebook group, where you can get support from other women in the journey as well as from the course’s mentors.

What if I won’t be able to achieve any results?
If you take the time to assimilate all of BLOSSOM’s principles and you don’t have any physical condition that may prevent you from losing weight, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t experience results.
But if for some reason during the first 30 days of the journey you feel that it doesn’t suit you, you’re lovingly welcome to step out and get a full refund.

Is it possible that the course can damage my health?
Absolutely not! Following the course’s principles will only improve your health and your overall sense of well-being.

Is it possible that taking this course can harm my milk supply?
BLOSSOM was designed specifically for breastfeeding mothers who want to lose weight during lactation without sacrificing their milk supply, and while actually improving their milk quality.
It takes into consideration your unique nutritional requirements during this period of lactation, and therefore not only will it not harm your milk supply, it will actually greatly improve its nutritional value.

How long will the course contents be available to me?
Nearly every day during the course you’ll receive an email with the relevant content for that day. Once you get it, it’s yours for a whole year. As such, during this year, you can return to the course’s contents, to refresh yourself with the principles and to revitalize your motivation. 
If after one year you’ll feel you need more time with the course’s contents, you could simply apply to BLOSSOM’s support to get an extension. 

So go for it!
Get the special launching price NOW!
Click on the button below and reserve your space to be amongst the first 100 lucky ladies that join BLOSSOM’s journey at a crazy discount!


Here’s what you won’t get in BLOSSOM:

You won’t get formulas to calculate every bite you put in your mouth (have you ever seen a naturally thin woman who sits at the table with a calculator?????).

You won’t get calculated quantities of calories to which you’ll need to adhere to every day.
In fact, you’ll hardly hear from me about calories at all!

You won’t need to calculate your BMI or BMR or BX or any other depressing index that, according to the number it renders, you would need to be restricted.

You will not have a policeman that will hyper-patrol you with every move you make.


What you will get in BLOSSOM is the BLOSSOM’S EQUATION: 
To EAT and be satisfied, while ALSO being THIN and HAPPY WITH YOUR BODY!

So now it’s your time to blossom.

Register for BLOSSOM NOW
and start your journey TODAY!

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Click here to get BLOSSOM’s journey| Blossom at discounted price while it’s still available…

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