Current Drink Name Recommendations

Current Drink Name Recommendations

Nowadays, business has become a way for young people to make money. There are many businesses that can be done, especially in the culinary field. For those of you who want to start a business in the culinary sector, there are recommendations for contemporary drink names. In addition, there are also recipes and how to make it

1. Avocado Shake

The first recommended name for a contemporary drink is avocado shake. Yes, avocados have long been known as a healthy fruit. This green fruit is also often processed into delicious food and drinks. One of them, it can be used as a contemporary drink with avocado shake. The following is a recipe for ingredients and how to make avocado shake:

2. Avocado coffee

Not only is it an avocado shake, KLovers can also make avocado a drink to pair with coffee. You can make avocado coffee as a delicious contemporary drink. Here are the ingredients and how to make avocado coffee:

3. King Mango Thai

Apart from avocado, mango is also a fruit that has always been a favorite fruit. This seasonal fruit is always eagerly awaited. Its sweet, sour and refreshing taste is suitable to be enjoyed at any time.

Not just eaten as it is, mangoes can also be made into several preparations. One of them is a contemporary drink recipe, King Mango Thai. The following is the recipe and how to make Thai king mango:

4. Spice Coffee

Coffee has become one of the favorite drinks, even now it is one of the drinks chosen by many young people. For KLovers who want to start a business in the coffee sector, KLovers can choose spiced coffee. Here’s how to make this spiced coffee:

5. Cold Brew Coffee

Still with recommendations for names of contemporary coffee-based drinks. This time there is cold brew coffee which can be a contemporary drink choice, even though this type of drink has been around for a long time, the development of social media has made this type of drink popular. And here are several ways to make cold brew coffee:

6. Oreo Frappuccino

Another recommended name for a contemporary drink is Oreo Frappuccino. Yes, this drink can be a modern cold drink that is easy to make. And here are some ways to make Oreo Frappuccino:

7. Summer Fruit Daiquiris

The summer fruit daiquiris drink is indeed quite foreign, but this drink could be wrong or a recommendation for a current drink name, KLovers. This fresh tasting drink is perfect for sale in tropical countries like Indonesia. And here’s how to make summer fruit daiquiris drinks and don’t forget to visit our site to get other interesting information by Visit the celestina rooftop

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