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As Heard on Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell and George Noory, Fox News, and NPR
and Featured in the Recent Screen Movie “Men Who Stare At Goats”
with Jeff Bridges and George Clooney . . .

Your time is limited so I’ll make this quick.

Over ten years ago, I took an 8-day class in “remote viewing.” You know, this was the top-secret “Black Ops” program developed by the Defense Intelligence Agency in the 1970’s to create a cadre of psychic spies for the military. It was classified “Top Secret.”

The American military community and intelligence services wanted a way for anyone, especially ordinary people, to be able to tap into their minds and get access to “distant” information in foreign countries and the like. Now we’re told it was used by our government for more than 20 years. A little over ten years ago, the program was declassifed and the protocols revealed to the public. But did it really work?

Is This Fringe Science?

And I was wrong. It did work.

At first I didn’t believe it. Was it a scam or a trick of some sort? Well, honestly, the results weren’t perfect but they will were still extraordinary. Really. So how was it possible?

The truth is, I never thought it would
work, at least not for me (I’m naturally sceptical). I was almost hoping it wouldn’t work; my mind wasn’t ready for it. But it did. And within a few days, I was accurately drawing and describing hidden pictures I was only shown after I finished writing and drawing. I was stunned.

But it wasn’t just me. Within a short time, everyone in the class
was viewing and viewing accurately, as if they were born natural psychics. It was astonishing, but we did it. And so can you.

Dr. Simeon Hein with Ingo Swann, founder of modern RV,
at the 2002 IRVA Conference, Austin, Texas

And That’s When Things Get Started To Get Strange . . .

And that’s when the weirdness started. Folks started contacting all sorts of stuff. You know: ghosts, ETs, even things I can’t name. But we all learned a lot. Our universe contains all sorts of life in it, and soon we were interacting with it. That’s another story. (I talk about ALL of this in my Opening Minds bonus audio book and downloadable eBook mentioned below both of which you get free with your membership.)

But beyond the weirdness, something amazing was happening. We were learning to use our in a completely new way. To tap into a hidden part of awareness to achieve apparently “super human” feats of perception and awareness. And it appeared that anyone could do it.

The truth is, you can do this too. You just have to know the special
secrets of resonance nobody ever wanted you to know about. Not your teachers, parents, authority figures or any else. And since I learned those secrets over ten years ago, my life has never been the same. And now, I’m committed to teaching you these same techniques that have worked so we well for me to everyone else.

Extensive research shows that almost everyone has some degree of remote viewing ability. So, yes, YOU TOO CAN DO THIS. Extensive statistical research commissioned by the U.S. Congress, showed that remote viewing gets at least eight-percent more information than is explainable by chance. Wow! That’s like having a permanent, built-in advantage and ability to get more information in any situation, any time you want it. And I want to show you how to easily and effectively access this innate, super-charged source of information.

Look. It’s simple. This system is based on carefully tested and researched military techniques, When I first took this course, it was the most revolutionary thing I ever experienced. And I want you to get the same benefits I’ve gotten from remote viewing; better intuition, improved mental clarity, and much greater confidence in your gut feelings.

However, this online class is VERY different and VERY powerful. If you’re not ready for a real challenge, this is not for you.

I guarantee this will be one of the greatest mental challenges you’ve ever experienced. And you’ll get HUGE benefits out of it and tremendous personal insight. Period. So if you are ready to turbocharge your personal growth and self-understanding this is your chance! It’s like an aerobic workout for your mind that will get your perception and access to your subconscious mind as fit as a fiddle.

“There is nothing like a viewing class with Simeon to help you tap into your full potential. Highly recommended.” –Lorraine Moller, Olympic marathon runner, medal winner and author.

Do You Want To Tap Into Your Full Potential?

Like me, you probably don’t think you can do this. But recent studies have shown that our subconscious minds store a lot more information than is available to our conscious
minds, on the order of 1,000,000 to 1! Wouldn’t it be great if you could access all this “hidden information” that’s lodged
somewhere in your mind.

Well, now you can. Easily, spontaneously, and naturally.

Look, I wouldn’t have spent all this time putting this together for you if I didn’t think you would get a lot out of it. I did this is for you. And the truth is, you can do it. I’ve put together my best tips, tricks, and techniques from over ten years of teaching and research to help get the most out of this online class. I’ve trained with some of the best remote viewers in the world and now I’m sharing all the knowledge with nothing held back.

Take a look at some of these examples and see for yourself. With a little training, you can learn to do this too, wherever you are. Take a look below to see some RV drawings from TOTAL BEGINNERS (the photos were completely hidden from them):

You Too Can Easily Learn to View: In 5 Simple Steps!

“Your course is extraordinarily fun. Not pretentious, not aloof, just right on cue with what is
pertinent for one to have a better understanding of RV. Thanks.”
–Sandy S.

“Your Remote Viewing course is awesome!”– Mary T.

“Dr Hein’s virtual viewing class is a blast! It showed me a whole new way to use my mind.”–Melissa C.

Sharpen Your Intuition, Learn to Trust Your “Gut Feelings”

Your biggest benefit from ths online class will be increased communications with your subconscious mind
resulting in more holistic thinking and better decision-making. You’ll know more about other people
and new situations by learning to trust your gut feelings. You’ll make more money by making better
business decisions. You’ll have a sense of what’s “coming down the road” before it even gets to you. (And when it comes to unleashing your creativity, this stuff is pure gold.)

You’ll learn so much about yourself every time we do one of these sessions together, you won’t believe it. You’ll feel
invigorated, refreshed, and renewed every time. You’ll feel alive again. Because you are using all of your senses!

Remember, we’re in this together AND the class is guaranteed to work for you or you’ll get all your money back and you get to keep all the class materials! That’s how confident I am that this will work for you.

Now the truth is, not everyone can can or will use these techniques properly. And in some rare cases, people won’t be able to do this at all. (I’ve only encountered a few.) And honestly, I’m not interested in teaching this to just anybody. And if you are one of those, for whom these techniques for contacting your subconscious mind won’t work, or you don’t like it, or your just not interested, or anything, you’ll get a full, complete refund.

However, if you are ready to visit the secret caverns of your inner mental wisdom, the treasure trove of your Super Mind, then let’s get going.

As Seen and Heard On All These Stations

Easy to Learn–Just Watch The Videos And Follow Along!

I’ve created this online class to teach you everything you need to know. It’s all included here. I’ve used this method with thousands of people all over the world
including Japan and England, and the United States, and it just works. The video and audio modules in this online class are designed to be completed easily and conveniently, at your pace. I’ve designed everything to be super easy for you to use.

Like “Rocket Fuel” for Your Creativity

I’ve never seen anything like Virtual Viewing for enhancing your creativity. It works wonders by getting you in touch with your “right mind,” the part of your brain that is a storehouse for creative thinking, the bastion of your imagination and connection to your “higher mind.” Virtual Viewing is like rocket fuel for your voyage into the world of greater intelligence, deeper creativity, and sheer brain power.

You’ll start off with the basic video and audio learning sequence. You’ll learn how to move your awareness around in space and time, with no limits, “visiting” and sensing anywhere you like! It’s like having your own private spaceship, letting you travel where you wish at a moment’s notice.

You’ll enjoy the benefits of enhanced intuition and more spontaneous decision making. Plus, if you go on to more advanced levels, you’ll get to go where few have gone before. It will feel like being an Intergalactic Ambassador.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

“It is such a joyful process, nothing to fear, everything to gain.” -J. Los Angeles, CA

“Virtual viewing is like having a new pair of eyes with ‘X-ray vision.’ Information I had always wanted to know was revealed through the virtual viewing techniques. Virtual viewing allows your own mind to function beyond the capabilities of any technology we currently have available. Dr. Hein is an amazing teacher and communicator his meticulous attention to the details of this process make this an absolute must for anyone who wants to succeed in life.”
— Teri, Certified Hypnotist, owner/director of

Experience the Awesome Power of “Whole-Brain Thinking”

You may have seen that recent movie with George Clooney, where those military guys learn all
these psychic tricks including walking through walls. Well, honestly, I can’t promise that you’ll be able to to anything like that by the end of this course or ever.

However, I can guarantee that you’ll have much more awareness, sensitivity,
and depth of perception than you ever had before. Your “vision” will be clearer. You’ll “know more” without
evening knowing how. It will be like activating a whole, new “mind” that you never new you had!!!

The secret to viewing is called “non-local awareness,” and everybody has it! All it takes is a little practice to discover your hidden, inner abilities. And soon you can be viewing anything, anywhere whether it’s in your immediate location or on the other side of Mars or the Milky Way. (In fact, research has shown that the viewing process gets more accurate the farther you are from the target source.)

One of the main challenges of the viewing process is how to know the difference between the psychic signal and mental noise. That is, the REAL signal from the matrix and your own mental chatter. In this course, I’ll teach you how to recognize the tell-tale signatures of each and how to let go of mental noise and free your mind to perceive the true signal source.

After a while, you’ll be your own “psychic detective” knowing how to tell the difference between real viewing signals and your own imagination. And it gets better from there.

There is no other way to put it: the viewing process can feel like magic. Maybe it is. You are capable of drawing and describing pictures, locations, and people you have never seen before. The information almost emerges mysteriously, as if you had a hidden genius in your mind, just waiting to serve you.

You’ll really discover just how truly intelligent you really are. You’ll begin to feel like a finely-tuned car. Can you really afford not to be running on all cylinders? Take action now and activate your natural superpowers.

This Course is NOT for Everyone

This course is definitely not for everyone. We’re only looking for open-minded and adventurous people with a committment to learning something new. The viewing process is different in each person so there’s no way to know ahead of time how fast you’ll learn. But learn you will. You need to be self-motivated, disciplined, and willing to give it a go. You must be in good mental and physical health.

And if you scare easily, this is certainly not for you. And if you are looking for some type of instant magic trick, this is definitely not for you. Don’t buy this course. I mean it.

I’ll do everything I can to keep your experience safe and pleasant, but I have no way of knowing how your particular mind works. So please don’t apply if you are not ready for a vigorous mental and energetic challenge.

Because I want keep this a high-quality operation, I’m only letting in a limited number of people. This is so I can give enough of my attention to the people who are enrolled and to preserve the power of these previously secret techniques.This information is so in-depth, that I only to share with a few people at this time. I don’t want to dilute the power of these formerly-secret techniques. So once registration opens, it may close after 100 people register.

I’ve designed this course so it’s easy for you to learn and to get results fast. I’m so confident that you’ll get a lot out this that if you don’t feel it was worth your investment, I’ll happily give you all your money back, no questions asked. The risk is all on me, you have nothing to lose! If you aren’t happy with the program, I don’t want your money. You get a 60-day money-back refund, and you get to keep all the course materials and bonuses even if you want a refund. This my up-front, no-nonsense, straight-forward offer for you.

I’ll Show You Everything You Need to Know

Sign up below: you’ll get same-day access. If your application is approved, you’ll soon receive a password and login info. You’ll be able to start your training right away!

Fully downloadable copies Dr. Hein’s Opening Minds eBook and the classic text Science of Getting Rich eBook which shows you how to turn your thoughts into reality (you NEED to read this)!

Bonus #1–The Aural Resonance “Breath of God” MP3 download. This sound turns any office or bedroom space into a temple with its beautiful and calming resonance. It took me years to find exactly the right sound frequencies and now you can enjoy them too. Great to use when viewing! According to Sounds True, this is one of the Top Five Healing Sounds of all time!

Bonus #2–Opening Minds: A Journey of Extraordinary Encounters, Crop Circles, eBook — You get the complete eBook version so you can read about the history of remote viewing, crop circles, and other topics at your own leisure. with complete descriptions of remote viewing adventures including real alien encounters!

Bonus#3–The Science of Getting Rich eBook–This classic text by Wallace D. Wattles is filled with sure-fire, easy methods for increasing your wealth and well-being that you can use immediately!

This price is tiny in context of all the great information you’ll learn. You’re getting over ten years of my personal experience for pennies on the dollar. The Mount Baldy Institute has been around since 1997 and we’re committed to offer you the same quality training that we’ve provded to countless other people.

If you like the course, great! After the first three months, you will have the option to get more access to continued training until you cancel, which you can do at anytime. You’ll get new targets to practice on every month that you can do at your leisure plus email support and access to live practice sessions with me over

Once you’ve signed up, even before your receive your password, you get immediate access to an audio of one of my recent viewing lectures! You’ll learn a TON.

Only you know if you are ready to change your life in a big way. If you want something that’s really challenging and mind opening, this is it. If you are not satisfied in any way, I’ll refund every cent of your money. So go ahead, sign-up, and let’s get viewing!

And if you’re not ready to sign-up now, then just remember this one key to great remote viewing that will help you for the rest of your life: The quietist signals in your mind are generally the most accurate. Listen to them, and you will always benefit, in almost any situation.

I want to to thank you for taking the time out of your busy life to read this letter. It means a lot to me. And I hope your viewing experience is just beginning of your adventure.

Dr. Simeon Hein
Mount Baldy Institute

P.S.–The people who created these powerful viewing techniques are only reluctantly letting me teach them to people like you. Therefore, this page may come down at ANY time. You know whether this is right for you or not. Either it is or it isn’t.
If your gut is telling you to go for it, don’t hesitate to sign up now.

P.P.S.–My main concern is your success. I really want you to get good at this.
So let’s get going! The next step is yours. However, due to the secret nature of this course, I reserve the right to stop admitting new members.

Three Important Qualifications Before You Sign Up:

Number One: You have to make a promise that you will follow the techniques I teach to the letter. You must be wiling to rigorously adhere to actually watching all the videos and doing all the assignments. Nobody gets in without this assurance.

Number Two: The material contained in this accelerated course is the most advanced and confidential I’ve ever shared – and there’s no way I’m going to let some unscrupulous person rip it off. That’s why you promise not to copy or distribute the course materials without my prior permission. DO NOT SHARE this powerful material with anyone.

Number Three: You must agree to use the powerful techniques taught in the course in an ethical, positive, and responsible way.

Virtual Viewing Sign Up: You get one-year access to all the instructional and practice videos plus all bonuses listed above. There are over 13 streaming and downloadable video and audio modules plus bonuses. You also get personal email support from me and my 60-day iron-clad guarantee.

“Yes, Dr. Hein! I can’t wait to start expanding my intuition and subtle energy sensing powers. I agree to follow all instructions given in the course and to apply to information in the videos to the best of my ability.

I understand that I’ll get some great bonuses including the Aural Resonance “Breath of God” sound, the Opening Minds eBook and much more.

I also realize that the course comes with a complete 60-day money-back guarantee and that I will get a full refund, no questions asked, if I don’t like the course for any reason. And I get to keep all the course materials and bonuses even if I ask for refund.”

Click the “Add to Cart” Button to Sign Up Now

Here’s What Students Said of Dr. Hein’s Previous Viewing Trainings:

“Simeon is a very informative and open-minded teacher.” – A., Boulder, CO

“I think you do a great job. It was potentially intimidating and ‘performance-fear’ ridden, but you made it very comfortable and non-judgemental. And natural.” – R., Santa Fe, NM

“I like the way the course stretched my mind and made me go into ‘non-think.’ I became aware of how very controlling my conscious mind is, and how very important and essential it is to learn how to release that control. I really liked the introductory part which explains how it all works. I like being involved with Resonant Viewing because it is cutting edge stuff. Everyone can and should develop this faculty. I really liked Dr. Hein’s upbeat, positive attitude, the encouragement he offers . . .”
— A., Palm Springs, CA

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