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So to recap, let me virtually walk you
through the goal setting processes that TOP sports people and highly paid
executives use themselves everyday to be SUCCESSFUL. You’ll be learning and
discovering alot about yourself as you go along and we will give you absolutely
everything you could possibly need to get started for successful GOAL
SETTING.  This IS NOT a hyped up RAH-RAH program – but just
the HARD FACTS about successful Goal Setting.

Essentially what we are doing is allowing you
to use our ENTIRE program -literally every last detail… and if
you felt that setting and achieving your GOALS would be too hard or out of reach,
then think again. Each and every person has the potential to achieve some pretty
amazing results, it’s just knowing HOW TO unlock that potential is the real

In short, this is unlike anything you’ve seen
before for one very specific reason…

Think about this: Generally speaking, nearly
everyone has goals of some sort, but most people have never been shown the exact
processes to follow and how your mind works through the process – THIS IS

Then compare that to successful people that you know – what
are they doing or what do they know that you don’t? ONE action that’s
all it takes to receive this information. I mean just look at some things you
might like to achieve…

 Goal = Changing a Habit

 Goal = Increasing Your Weekly

Goal = Start a
Small Business

Goal = New

 “As Premier of the Smart Sate, I endorse
positive thinking. Congratulations Damien.”

-Hon. Peter Beattie, Qld Premier

“Your enthusiasm and positive outlook on life is
very motivating. Well done Damien.”

-Graeme Whittaker, Director Oztrail.

“It’s always a pleasure to meet people who want to
make a difference, do something they have a great passion for and
believe in.”

-Mike Hutchinson, Major Accounts Mgr
Hanson Construction

“You know what, this is the most wondeful system I
have ever used. Damien, I really appreciate that you are providing
this eye opening information.”

“Your insights into goal-setting are so clear; I
particularly liked the explanation of RAS and Cognitive Dissonance.
Experiencing this material is one of the tools that will facilitate
my success in achieving goals. Thank you!”

– Mary Ann, Massachusetts, USA

“Finally! A powerful goal-setting program without
the usual time wasting fluff.

 – Norena Jansen, Norway

“Damien, I viewed your material on goal setting and
am very impressed with the information and research involved. This
is the ideal program for setting goals and why you need to have
goals. I really appreciate the material and look forward to reading
the others.”

  – Orlando A. Baro, Director of Recruiting
and Training,
Harte Hanks, Florida USA

…And Here Are The Full Details On What You Will Receive
Once You Download The ‘Goal Setting One-On-One’ Program:

Module One – How Your Mind

This section is somewhat critical
to the success of all your goal-setting efforts. 
Understanding how you mind works through the goal setting process
will open your eyes to the
potential each and every person has but does not

 In order to use the tools for goal setting included in
this program, you must first know something about how your
mind works. Understanding these concepts is critical to successful

There are three theoretical terms that
cover the mind; they are the conscious mind, the subconscious mind
and the creative subconscious mind. We cover their basic principles
and discuss their importance to the goal setting

Conscious Mind – is the now.  It has primarily
three functions – Firstly, it perceives information you are
exposed to via your five senses (sight, hearing, smell, touch
and taste).  Secondly, it associates this
information with prior experiences.  Thirdly, it
takes the necessary action based on past

Subconscious Mind – is your autopilot
system and takes care of everything outside of
your conscious mind like habits and beliefs. It stores all the
information that you’ve taken in over your
life so far via your five senses, and enables you to
carry on with life without having to consciously think about
things. It doesn’t determine the quality of this information
nor if it is true or not

The Creative
Subconscious Mind – is a part of your subconscious mind that
maintains your version of reality.  The
creative subconscious causes you to act according to your own
self image.  The way you see and believe yourself to
be.  Once you step out from what your subconscious believes,
the creative subconscious goes to work to maintain your version
of reality based on your beliefs and past

Reticular Activating System – is the part of the
brain believed to be the centre of awareness in human
beings.  It is situated at the core of the brain stem and
extends from the spinal cord.  Its function is to
filter or screen the thousands of messages of
information you
take in daily and determine what information is
important to you and what gets through to your
subconscious.  Discover the role it plays in
successful goal setting!

Module Two – The Power of Your Belief

Your belief system defines what
you believe about yourself and determines the way you choose to
live your life.  Your belief system is the most
important influence that you have over your life.  It is what
you believe that determines what choices you make for
yourself.  A belief system is how you react to given

  We all have
beliefs about ourselves and we each act in accordance
with them.  They can restrict us from using our
full potential.  Knowing how these beliefs were
formed and knowing we have the ability to
change them is a vital step towards a successful

As we grow, we
are exposed to many influences that affect our
beliefs including large amounts of new information which enable us
to expand our own beliefs.  This is also a time when
our beliefs can stop us from achieving our true

 The first step to changing
our belief system is to become aware of what is going
on in our lives and being open to the
possibility that we can change our beliefs about ourselves and
our abilities. The challenge we are faced with as we grow is
that we base a lot of our current and future decisions on
existing beliefs which may have been formed by
incorrect information.

Module Three – The Power of Self

It has been established by
psychologists and neuroscientists that every person in the
world carries on an ongoing dialog, or self-talk, which
works out to between 45,000 and 51,000 thoughts a day, 365
days of the year.  Most of our self-talk is harmless
chat. The danger is when self-talk takes on a negative
tone such as, “I’ll never be as good as she is,” or “I’m
hopeless.”  The ongoing negative reinforcement created by
negative self-talk results in the creation of
limiting beliefs.

 Your self-talk has been with you from a
young age and was directly influenced by those around you
– in particular parents, teachers, your peers and other people
in authority.  The problem that we all encounter as we
grow older is that our self-talk does not necessarily
change with us.  Your self-talk has created the beliefs
you hold – some of these may be very deeply set within yourself and
have never been challenged to confirm if they are actually
still true now!

Some people
believe that they have no choice in certain situations but as
you grow you will learn that you do have choices.  You are in
a position to challenge whether or not you accept
or reject criticism and negative self-talk!  We’re not
saying this is easy but becoming aware of your thoughts and being
able to manage them will directly influence your
emotions.  Only you can create a belief in your mind
about something.

 You are constantly
faced with challenges, difficulties and problems every day of
your life. They are unavoidable and are an inevitable
part of being human. One of the most powerful
tools you have is what you say to yourself. It is
not what happens to you, but how you respond
internally to what happens to you, that determine
your thoughts, feelings and your actions. By
controlling your self-talk, you can begin to assert control
over every aspect of your life.

Module Four – The Power of Comfort

The Force, we call it, is
our comfort zone that is our living, work, and social
environment that we have grown accustomed to. We feel
safe, comfortable, secure and stable within our comfort
zone.   Your comfort zone is the way you do
things, the way you think, the things you believe. It
is familiar territory, and it is where you feel totally safe and
secure.  It determines the lifestyle you

  When you step outside your comfort
zone your subconscious mind sends you
signals such as sweaty palms, jumbled thoughts, upset
stomach and increased nervousness.  Your subconscious is
saying, “Don’t stay here; let me take you back to where
you are comfortable.”   When you feel like
this, your creative subconscious is working towards
maintaining the balance with your inner version of
reality.  It tries to get you to return to where you
think and believe you

You will
clearly discover why change can be so difficult when you are
outside of your comfort zone. By understanding how powerful
your mind is and how it works, you will see how expaning your
comfort zone will bring with it an abundance of
opportunity. Learn and use the ways of the
Force to your advantage by implementing the
strategies we have outlined in the

Module Five
– The Power
of  Targeted Affirmations

Just deciding to change is
not enough.  You need a clear picture in your mind of
what you want to change  and affirmations are
the most effective tool for making this happen. You choose to
create your own beliefs – no one ‘zapped’ them in to
you.  Your subconscious doesn’t know the difference between a
truth and a lie.  It will believe what you
tell it to believe through your self-talk.  Whether or
not you allow it to become a true belief is within your

When you
write your affirmation you create cognitive dissonance,
which is explained earlier in the program.  Your
creative subconscious is going to try to work to correct the
error taking you back to your current reality– this is what
it does.  The key we teach is acknowledging this and
being able to manage the thought process constructively and

 Follow the Seven
Essential Guidelines for Writing Affirmations and
discover the Words and Phrases Not To Use when
writing affirmations. Understand the importance that when you
write your affirmations you aim to affirm what you
want, not what you want to leave behind. For
complete success you will learn the three steps to
follow when reading your affirmations. 

Module Six – The Power of Goal Setting

Wanting and hoping for
things is not goal setting, it is simply wishful
thinking.  Believe it or not we all have
goals, sometimes we just don’t realise it.  Goal-setting
is a process.  It is not the end result that is the
real prize; it’s what you learn about yourself and your
abilities along the way that is

  Discover the four steps to
effective goal setting used by TOP Sports People and
Company Executives to achieve their goals.  Learn the
processes they follow to stay on track and WHY
long-term goals should never be set without
short term

Module Seven – The Key To

Exactly what motivates
people is difficult to determine because
motivation in itself is very complex.  
Motivation starts with a need, a vision, a dream or a desire to
achieve a ‘want’.  People who have a vision can
control their destiny and lifestyle. For people without a
vision, their destiny and lifestyle is controlled by others!
The truth is that no-one can motivate you.  People or
things can inspire you, but only you can motivate

 To maintain your
motivation, it is important to understand the
different forms of motivation and how they affect
your ability to stay on track.  Behaviour is
the best evidence there is concerning a person’s
motivation. We are always motivated in some
way, but the challenge is how we direct this

For the managers, supervisors and
team leaders who happen to purchase this program,
we will give you the secret to staff
motivation and it doesn’t mean providing child
minding facilities or giving everyone a gym membership or a
yearly flu injection.  It is so simple and costs
absolutely nothing but it works tremendously well and
you will be amazed by the results you will
achieve.  That secret alone could get your
money back on this investment many times over.

that Motivation can be divided into two distinct
categories, negative and positive motivation. Learn their
differences and the affect it has on you achieving your
goals.  Also learn the Three Key Steps to Follow
for Maintaining Motivation.  Ask yourself
this ONE powerful question when establishing
your goals.

Module Eight – How To Stay On

With the complete program you will have
the tools for staying on-track – For Life!  The more
you take on full accountability for your life, the more
joyful, exciting and successful your life will become. 
Goal-setting does work and the key
ingredient to success is having all these tools included
in this program.  It’s not what you get by achieving your goal
– but who you’ll become as you work through the process of
goal setting.

The Workbook – Goal Setting

You also
receive the workbook that you can use
while you proceed through the videos.  Make
your own notes and write down your own
thoughts that will help in formulating
your goals.  One of the key ingredients
to successful goal setting is taking the time to write
down your thoughts.

The eBook – Goal Setting

eBook is a hardcopy of the video
series, so you can simply print it out and have
a copy always nearby to refer to or make notes
on.  This eBook in itself has the keys
to unlock your potential towards successful goal
setting and live the life you had always dreamed

Think we’re
done..? Not by a long way…

Even if that was all we were
offering within “Goal Setting One-On-One”, it would still be hands down the most
understandable and easy-to-follow GOAL SETTING roadmap on the planet with
proven and time-tested techniques you simply won’t get delivered in this format

…We would have already armed you with the
most comprehensive formula for getting you on the ‘fast-track’ to achieving your
goals and hopefully generating a lifestyle that most people only dream

However, what we have shown you so far is
just the beginning.

We’re also going to be handing

Procrastination – The Biggest Roadblock To

Everyone does
it, including me and you. You have things to do,
important things or general things, and you postpone
doing them until the very last minute.  If
Procrastination were an Olympic sport you might be in
the running for a gold medal, you’re that good at

is putting off taking action until later, either due
to carelessness or habitual laziness.  It’s
putting off till tomorrow what you just as easily
could have finished up today.  A procrastinator
postpones or needlessly delays accomplishing
something –just
because.  In this report you will Understand
Why You Procrastinate and How To Change Your

Management – How To Live Stress Free

Some simple techniques and tips to help you get out
of the vicious cycle of leading a stressful life. Your stressful
life does not just affect you, but everyone around
you. It affects your relationships as well
as any children or co-workers. Most of all, it can actually
makeyou physically ill.

There are many facets to stress. Stress manifests
itself in many different ways and can be either self
induced or something that occurs in life. We can
never totally eliminate stress from our lives.
However, we can learn to react to stress in a
positive manner and take control of the
situation rather than allowing the stress to remain in
control. Learn different tips as well as old
secrets on how to identify your stressors.

– The Laws To Follow

We all
deserve to be successful so whatever your idea of
success is, there are some ‘Laws’ you need to follow
in order to be truly successful both in your career
and your personal
• Discover your sense of purpose in life   • Build your
hobby to success  
• What is personal
• How powerful is your mindset?• Time management
skills                         •
Stretch your comfort zone 
• Teambuilding for work and
family       • Living a healthy
• Listening and speaking
• Avoiding temptations
• Learning to say ‘No’ • Effective decision

Your Confidence

In life,
being prepared to take hold of every
opportunity that comes your way is all about the beliefs you
have about yourself and your level of self
confidence.  Out of the successful people you know,
what is the one trait they all have? 
Self-Confidence!  Discover  what they know
and what millions of people want to

• Habits of
confident people   • Keys to finding your inner
• Secrets to building better self confidence  • How to
develop an amazing self confidence• Boost your confidence
while job searching  • Techniques to regain your lost
• Understand the line between arrogance and confidence  • The
art of staying positive
• Overcome your fears and develop your


How To
Get Motivated – The Daily Essentials To

It’s not
uncommon to find yourself in a rut and not
able to find the motivation needed to finish
uncompleted projects, whether they be around the house or at
work.  There are many techniques you can use to
motivate yourself and these can be done on a daily
basis to help you get the motivation you need
to achieve your

Motivation is what keeps us going.
It is the reason people succeed and the reason people fail. The
ingredients of motivation are combined with
many factors which include simplicity, attitude, the
people you associate with, the way you think, knowing yourself,
helping other people and so much more. The
purpose of this eBook is to take you through methods you can
practice on a daily basis to remain

plus The
Complete One-On-One
Goal Setting Video

 So How Much Is This Going To Set Me Back?

Well, firstly remember that

reveal absolutely everything… The very same tips, techniques and
strategies that TOP LEVEL Sports People and HIGH PAID Company
Executives use everyday to achieve their goals and enjoy all
that SUCCESS brings.

Of course, what we can’t
obviously do is give it away for pennies because after all, we are handing over
an entire TOOL KIT for business and personal SUCCESS, it would
completely devalue the course…

I’ll say it again… NO recurring
billing, NO upsells… just a one-time payment and ALL the material is yours for

In fact, we are so confident in
this program and believe that it
really is the COMPLETE blueprint needed for LIFELONG
SUCCESS , if you notify us within
the next 60 days and say that you are not
TOTALLY convinced by the material supplied and presented, we’ll speedily
refund every penny of your small

To put it bluntly,we are willing to shoulder all the
risk while you FREELY test-drive the system and make
non-stop GOAL SETTING a daily habit.

As soon as your order is confirmed (it happens
instantly), you can start immediately as everything is delivered online. Take
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Click here to get Goal Setting One On One – Complete Video Series at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Goal Setting One On One – Complete Video Series is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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