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MASS3 – stands for Minimum Activation to Stimulate Strength, Size and Shreds and is specifically designed to help busy guys like you, build muscle, skyrocket strength and burn fat in minimal time with maximum results so you can work fitness into your lifestyle and achieve the body of your dreams while living fully; not working your lifestyle around fitness, being a slave to the gym.

I get it. Life is BUSY. Today, there are more demands for your time than ever. Between work, school, family, sports, covering rent and trying to have some sort of a social life… it can get overwhelming.

Trying to stay atop of your fitness and achieve the body of your dreams can seem like just another to-do, or a daunting chore rather than a rewarding, exciting experience.

With all the misinformation, useless gimmicks, quick-fix schemes and crash diets that flood the market and media, it makes it even more complicated and time consuming to sift through all the garbage and BS; time you already feel like you don’t have.

So, you put it off. You tell yourself you’re just too busy to deal with all that nonsense right now, you’ve still got time to change in the future, so you’ll do it later.

But that feeling still sits in the back of your mind.

You feel it every time you look in the mirror… a deep dissatisfaction with what you see reflected back at you. It’s like a wound that just won’t seem to fully heal, like a scab that keeps getting ripped open every time you’re at the beach or by the pool and you’re reminded that your body isn’t what you know it could be.

You notice your pants are fitting tighter, your gut is starting to grow, you know you should be doing something about it, but it seems like too much work and too much time to address, so you reassure yourself, you’ll deal with it later.

But the fact remains, you know deep down you deserve better. You want to feel more confident and powerful; you’re tired of feeling self-conscious and unhappy with the way you look.

You wish there was an easier, less complicated way to get the body of your dreams once and for all, without having to spend hundreds, if not thousands of hours searching and sifting through all the garbage only to spend hundreds more hours trying it all out like a lab rat in an experiment.

Not to mention the hundreds, if not thousands of dollars wasted on useless products and programs that don’t end up leaning out anything but your wallet.

Still you know… you owe you.

I’ve been there, and I’ve gone through it all and it f*#king sucks. But there’s one thing I can assure you; your days of frustration and hoping for something better are finally OVER.

I spent the last decade of my life asking the same questions, and seeking the same answers.

Through that pain, struggle and desperation I was able to create a simple solution, a step-by-step system that you can immediately put into action and start achieving results quicker and easier than you ever thought possible.

MASS3 was designed to give you your fair shot at achieving the body of your dreams without huge sacrifices to your health or lifestyle, without ridiculous over-complicated, fancy-sounding bullshit techniques, or program designs for steroid-fueled professional bodybuilders.

I created MASS3 as a way to provide you busy guys with truly tried and tested methods for achieving your dream body that you deserve with a lifestyle approach that allows you to actually enjoy the process and achieve greater results than you ever thought you possibly could without living in the gym and changing your entire lifestyle.

In addition to that, I wanted to create a program for you to build muscle and burn fat the quickest and most effective way possible all 100% safely and naturally.

Almost every program and product you see in the magazines, online forums, or in stores is designed for or promoted by dudes who either:
A) didn’t even use or follow the program/product, or
B) are juiced to the gills and have so many steroids and pro hormones running through their system they’d test higher than an entire pro football team.

That’s the kind of shady, misleading crap I wanted no part of. So that is why I created MASS3, for guys like me, and guys like you who want serious results and a wicked, head spinning physique, without sacrificing and revolving your entire life around the gym.

Create the lean, muscular and powerful body that other guys envy and you’ve always dreamed of; quicker and easier than you ever thought before.

Learn how to speed up fat loss to reveal your ripped six pack abs in less time; without feeling drained or deprived.

Who says you can’t look your best AND perform your best? No more sacrificing strength & performance for looks. Pack on weight to your key lifts while achieving your ideal body image.

No more slaving away for hours in the gym with little to show for it. With the maintainable lifestyle approach, you can get the body of your dreams in only a few hours per week, so you can enjoy ALL life has to offer.

Build the statuesque, ideal proportions of Greek Gods and Pro Fitness Models with chiseled pecs, broad shoulders and a lean waist through strategic training and nutrition.

Before we started working together, I was a little hesitant on spending the money. I know that health is a number one priority for me, but I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to pay for this program and save up my money for other things in the year. But the cost turned out to be very reasonable and I made it happen!

My Top 2 goals when I started training were:
1. 6pack abs at 160lbs lean and cut
2. Healthy, vital, and a strong physical body

So far with training my strength has ridiculously improved, and I have higher stamina and endurance than ever before! I am more knowledgable about exercise and nutrition and made major improvements in my physique, it looks amazing!

Exercise is now a lifestyle for me and I am seeing results in my body every week!

Tyler is awesome!

I had hoped I could keep up with this and not fall off track again. Tyler has definitely helped me do that. I also wasn’t sure how well I would do in a gym setting as I had never gone to one before by myself.

All of the positive feedback and support has been huge with keeping me on track. And the training plan has kept me focused especially with the help of the videos. I feel more confident at the gym and not lost.

My Top 2 goals when I started training were:
1. Lose weight/Gain muscle
2. Eat better

So far with training I have lost approximately 8lbs, am seeing a visible transformation in my body shape and have a lot more endurance which has been hugely noticeable playing hockey. I also have a better understanding of healthy eating now and gained confidence in my ability to start something and stick to it.

Overall this has been an amazing experience and I would recommend Tyler as a trainer and this program to anyone who asks.

If you want a coach that really cares about you and your goals there is no one better for the job than Tyler! From day one I felt Tyler was my friend not trainer, Tyler always will lead you in the right direction as a friend would.

One of the things that I like the most about Tyler is he sets you up to be able to live a healthy lifestyle and teaches you how to do it on your own, unlike gyms where trainers will want to train with you every time which in the end makes you rely on them to keep on track.

With Tyler he gives you the direction and motivation, but you have to do the work yourself. Tyler makes everything else for you a breeze.

In short if you’re looking to get fit, shred pounds or get that dream body for the summer months at a good price and do it with someone you can call your friend, Tyler is the person you need to train with!

My top goals when I started working with Tyler “The APE Coach”, were to compete at my first men’s physique show with solid conditioning and to minimize muscle and strength loss while dieting. With his help and guidance, I was able to accomplish the following:

Placed 3rd in Jr. Men’s Physique and 4th in Open Men’s Physique Short at my first show, the KW Oktoberfest Show. Achieved the best conditioning of my life. Kept strength and muscle mass throughout the entire cut (even gained a bit of strength at the start) and achieved my ideal shape in just a short few months.

I loved how it was an easy to follow plan (I liked the breakup of workouts, cardio, diet) IIFYM made it really easy to follow and stick to.

Great experience overall, learnt a lot, more than happy with how it went!

Immediate lifetime access to the entire digital program.

Proven step-by-step system for maximum results in minimal time.
Learn everything you need to know about training and nutrition to build muscle strength and size and burn fat to achieve your ultimate results.

Know exactly what to do, how to do it and when to do it to achieve your goals. **Hint: you’ll also perform minimal cardio with MAXIMUM fat loss effects.

Easily track and measure your progress to ensure you’re improving performance and achieving the best possible results from each and every workout.

A step-by-step jump start to the best, most enjoyable nutrition plan ever.
Quickly learn the flexible dieting approach that allows you to achieve the ripped, muscular body of your dreams while still enjoying all your favourite foods!

Quickly and easily calculate exactly how much to eat and from which food sources. Have confidence in knowing your exact macronutrient requirements for effectively reaching your goals.

In a single glance, quickly see exactly which food options are highest in which macronutrients so you never find yourself stuck guessing or searching what foods will help you reach your macro goals.

Ensure you’re staying on track and achieving your best results possible each and every day with the ability to track all of your daily and weekly results in one place.

Well, I’m just like you.

I started off unsatisfied with how I looked when I saw myself in the mirror and with the overwhelming barrage of useless, misinformation and quick-fix gimmicks flooding the market… I made it my mission to sift through the BS and figure out how to truly build the body of my dreams.

I knew there had to be a better way, an easier way, and that it couldn’t be as complicated as all these ridiculous programs and infomercial products made it out to be.

So I dove head first into as many magazines, blogs, internet forums, text books, and information products (just like this one) as I could to find a better way.

A lot of what I came across was lousy… but some of it wasn’t

Over the past decade of trial and error, thousands of hours of research and testing every method I came across in real life hitting the gym hard day after day, I pieced things together, bit by bit, until I finally discovered the solution.

I finally found a way to create the body of your dreams in the most effective and efficient way possible.

No gimmicks, no quick-fix crash diets, no ineffective, overly complicated “advanced secret techniques of ancient warriors” or any other BS you see these days.

I found real, sound, research-backed, personally tried, tested and true methods to get better results for your body in less time than ever before.

I effectively developed a complete system for getting max results in minimal time with a simple, step-by-step process and a lifestyle approach that absolutely ANYONE can follow and be successful with.

This is how the MASS3 Training System was created.

Through years and years of dissatisfaction with the mainstream garbage and unrelenting dedication to find a better way, to truly change people’s lives for the better; more quickly and easily than they had ever experienced before in a way that was both safe and 100% natural.

That is exactly how I was able to transform my body and my entire life. I used to be an overweight, out of shape, sluggish 230lbs+ guy. I was an insecure introvert, lacking confidence and self-esteem, having been bullied for being weak and small when I was younger.

After all the years of hard work and struggling to find the answer and the system you’re about to gain access to, I completely transformed into a strong, powerful, confident leader. I became a ripped 200lbs National Level, Natural Physique Competitor with under 7% bodyfat, a #1 International Best Selling Fitness Author, Owner and Head Fitness Nutrition Coach of my own company, Alpha Physique Engineering.

Now I don’t tell you all this to brag or try to impress you, I’m telling you this because it impresses the hell out of me.

To see and experience such an incredible transformation by finally realizing and piecing together a system that’s both easy to implement and adhere to long term is truly amazing.

And I’m not some famous rich kid, or celebrity who could just hire the best trainers and chefs money can buy to do everything for me and ensure I was successful.

I’m just an average guy who was dissatisfied; actually, more than that, I was desperate to find a way to create the body of my dreams and that’s what drove me to this massive success.

If I can do it, anybody can. I know it’s cliché, but it’s absolutely true.

With an incredible program that’s done all the hard work, research and trial and error processes for you like MASS3, you truly have access to the easiest, most effective and efficient program for building the body of your dreams while loving the whole process!

MASS3 LV1 is designed so that even complete beginners with 0-2+ years of experience in the gym can put it into action, so no matter what your experience level is, you can make full use of the MASS3 LV1 Training Program and reap the full benefits!

Absolutely NOT! MASS3 follows a Flexible Dieting approach to nutrition which allows you to achieve the body of your dreams eating all the foods you love. No more boring, tasteless and bland “bro diets”. You won’t believe the feeling of freedom of having NO FOOD RESTRICTIONS and still getting mind blowing results in your physique.

Not a problem. When you purchase MASS3 you’ll gain instant access to the private Facebook group where you can post your questions to the community, (I check it daily to respond to questions and comments). You will also be able to private message me, personally at any time.

I am completely confident you’ll be more than satisfied, if not completely blown away with your results following this program. So if for some reason you’re not totally 100% satisfied with the program and your results, we offer a full 60-day 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee, no hassles, no hard feelings. This program is designed for real results, and it works, period.

Price is listed in USD / American, you can use your credit/debit card regardless of your location in the world and it will convert it for you. You can also pay via PayPal, the most secure payment system in the world.

MASS3 is provided instantly in downloadable PDF’s / eBooks (just like a word document). It can be accessed worldwide, regardless of location, including USA, UK, Australia etc. All plans are easily viewable on mobiles, tablets, laptops etc. All plans/ebooks can also be printed out very easily, just like a word document.

This price is a one-time fee with absolutely no reoccurring payments. You will get access to every eBook and resource above forever.

Alpha Physique Engineering has several years’ experience changing the lives of people all over the world. We have been successful by implementing the tried and tested art and science of performance and well-being.

There are many different factors that can affect your performance and well-being but we are so confident our program will improve your body and quality of life that if you are not completely satisfied, we’ll offer a 60 day 100% money back guarantee.

That’s right, if you order the program and follow through with it, and you’re still not satisfied, we’ll refund every last cent you paid!

All we do ask is that you are committed to follow the program and apply all the lifestyle changes recommended.

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Click here to get MASS3 LV1 Training – Alpha Physique Engineering | at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

MASS3 LV1 Training – Alpha Physique Engineering | is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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