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And these are The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

They represent the Four Great Mistakes of Manifestation – mistakes so grave, you might be attracting unpleasant circumstances into your life as your desired reality becomes impossible to attain.

The Four Horsemen are always there, sabotaging your reality. The pervasive nature of the Four Horsemen is what leads many of us into dead-end jobs, unfulfilling relationships, and mountains of debt.

It’s of great importance that you learn to identify the Four Horsemen; so that you avoid them and instead manifest your reality by learning about The Three Pillars of Manifestation: The Pillar of Oneness, the Pillar of Choice, and the Pillar of Mindfulness.

The Three Pillars of Manifestation hold the key to accessing a new, abundant reality:

The secret to start manifesting right now via your thoughts, actions, beliefs, and emotions consists of a single, Universal Law:

“Everything in the Universe is made of energy.”

Every atom, molecule, and cell, every blade of grass, speck of dust, and ray from the farthest star is energy. And, of course, we are made of energy, too.

We are an expression of the dynamic, creative, extraordinary power of the Universe to create.

Here´s a quick fact: The Law of Attraction is always working. You don’t have to command it, understand it, or practice using it. The Law of Attraction is the property that propels how the stars are born, determines where you live, and who becomes your life partner. It’s what sets the tides, powers comets, and forms tornadoes.

The Law of Attraction is behind everything that you experience, pleasant or unpleasant, joyous or horrendous.

As you recognize the role and power of the Law of Attraction, your reality will shift because you will discover how powerful YOU are.

Before revealing more information about the Four Horsemen and the Three Pillars of Manifestation, I will briefly tell you my story, as I believe it’s the best way for you to know why this works so well.

If you had told me five years ago that I would become the owner of a successful business, or that I would coach multiple people on how to manifest their reality, or that my marriage would become highly satisfying, I´d have laughed.

You’ll see, several years ago, I hit the lowest point of my life.

One rainy August afternoon, my daughter walked towards me with an optimistic expression.

The words she said disturbed me greatly.

She said, “Daddy, please take this. Here are my entire life savings. I broke my piggy bank for you.”

As she held several coins in her hands, I was struck motionless. I had lost my entire income as an event planner just a few months before. I recently started working at a near-minimum wage job in a local store, and my daughter was doing everything she could do to help.

I felt stuck as if there was no meaning in my life. I had the feeling that I was wasting my potential as I sat in a cubicle day after day talking to multiple customers. I felt stressed, anxious, and desperate.

The future was looking bleak, and my daughter’s words kept echoing over and over in my head:

“Daddy, please take this.”

“Daddy, please take this.”

I remember the intense feelings of anxiety as I scrambled for money to keep the creditors at bay when I received the worst news possible.

One cold Thursday morning, my wife fainted while taking an indoor cycling class. An ambulance took her to the hospital, awaiting further studies.

I was in shock. I didn’t know what to do. I dreaded seeing more red ink on a piece of paper requesting more payments. Ann was such an amazing woman. An angel in my life who always stood by my side through the good and the bad times. She had a tough childhood, losing her mother at a young age. Seeing her suffer brought me immense pain. It seemed as if all the negativity started to spiral out of control, bringing more and more chaos into our lives. As I received the bad news, I realized what was happening:

I feared this moment my entire life. I had no choice but to swallow my ego and ask my father-in-law for help.

He reluctantly helped us, but I experienced intense feelings of inadequacy as I realized that I could not care for my family.

A few days later, my daughter and I accompanied my wife to the operating room. As I held my daughter by the hand, a tear rolling down my left cheek, we decided to go for a walk.

We were wandering in the park when we saw a group of people sitting on the grass. The instructor, a man in his sixties, sat motionlessly.

I recognized someone from the group, who was an old friend of mine. Just as they were getting up, we passed by.

My friend saw me, greeted me, and said, “Hey Jack! How’s your wife? I heard she was in the hospital. I see you’re worried. Why don’t you join us one day? This class is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.”

Little did I know that this casual exchange of words would take my life in a completely different direction.

I never imagined that what I would learn over the next couple of weeks would completely transform my reality.

Thankfully my wife’s surgery was successful. After caring for her for several days, I kept my word and attended the class. For the first time in months, I felt a deep sense of well-being.

Without realizing it, I manifested something extraordinary. Something more precious than gold. Something more valuable than the greatest treasures of antiquity. I attracted pure, actionable knowledge when I needed it most.

My teacher taught me something I’ll never forget. He taught me the concept of mental transmutation. In his words, “Mental transmutation is the ability to transmute our thoughts into the manifestation of their physical counterpart.”

He taught me that manifestation could only occur when the mind is receptive to new ideas, emotions, and feelings.

Transcending the mind’s natural tendencies requires letting go of mundane thoughts and actions, leading to a state of pure nothingness. Only when you reach such a state can you let go of negativity, embrace gratitude and realize your unique purpose.

When you reach this state of nothingness, it becomes straightforward to influence your subconscious mind. According to Doctor Bruce Lipton, “the subconscious mind is over a million times more powerful than the conscious mind.”

One day, after the class was over, I stayed to converse with the teacher. From the way he looked at me, I knew he sensed that something was deeply troubling me. It felt as if he looked right through me, into my soul. He told me to close my eyes.

The noise from a leaf blower close by was distracting me immensely. I told my teacher that I could not focus.

He said, “It doesn’t matter if there’s noise. It doesn’t matter if it’s quiet. It’s all the same. All you have to do is close your eyes and focus on nothingness.” After talking for what seemed like a few minutes, he said a few words that were so relevant to my life; it seemed as if he knew everything about me. My hair stood on end as he spoke each word.

I now call these words “Mind Declarations”–words so powerful that when repeated in a mindful state, they transform your beliefs and, as a result, your reality.

I didn’t know it at the time, but he influenced my subconscious to attract into my life what I needed.

The results came so quickly and unexpectedly that I couldn’t believe it.

He told me to repeat the words daily before bed. And I did, without fail.

My wife, still recovering from surgery, was skeptical. But after a few weeks, she joined me.

Abundance started flowing into our lives from places that we never expected.

Our problems suddenly started to disappear.

Our friends and family began noticing dramatic changes in our lives.

My wife was in a completely different state of mind, quickly recovering physically and mentally.

I felt happy and fulfilled.

And more importantly, I felt at peace.

The changes were so profound that many of my friends wondered how I turned my life around so quickly.

I started taking exotic trips with my family whenever I felt like it.

I was able to pay off my debt, promising myself never to take on debt again.

I promptly repaid my father-in-law, and we now maintain a positive relationship.

And more importantly, I began working only a few hours per week, having more than enough time to spend with my daughter, building some of the fondest memories of my life.

My teacher told me, “Words are everything. The words you feed your mind create your reality.”

The power of words cannot be understated. When you repeat the right words, they become imprinted in your subconscious, repeatedly resurfacing in your daily existence, changing your reality.

To start manifesting, you must first understand what’s holding you back. While The Law of Attraction is always at work, certain unwanted feelings or thoughts might be blocking your ability to manifest. My teacher calls them “The Unseen Blocks of Manifestation.” They are so damaging that I prefer to call them “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.”

The Horseman of Worry. Worrying affects your ability to manifest because it causes you to spend time thinking about unwanted outcomes. When you worry, you funnel your vibrations into something negative, bringing chaos into your life.

The Horseman of Negative Expectations. Negative expectations are the all-encompassing fears that many of us feel from time to time. The Horseman of Negative Expectations appears when you think that something is about to “go wrong” while nothing wrong is happening at all.

The Horseman of Desperation. Desperation is a vibration of powerlessness. If The Horsemen of Desperation is present in your life, then you will lack the power necessary to put in motion the universal factors, forces, elements, and causal agents required to manifest your reality.

The Horseman of Envy. Of all the negative emotions, envy is one of the most self-destructive—those who are in the throes of it end up hurting themselves in many ways because envy engenders a family of related feelings, including frustration, resentment, and anger.

You are meant to be a creative being, endowed with creative abilities to make things happen at will. Nature always takes the path of least resistance. By blocking the Four Horseman, the Universe will deliver your desires in the most harmonious way possible.

Once you block the Four Horsemen from your life, knowing about the Three Pillars of Manifestation will allow you to become the creator of your life. The Pillar of Oneness states that you are ONE with the Universe. You are made from the same elements as the most distant stars in the galaxy. Since you are part of the greater whole, then what you can manifest is a result of your choosing.

The poet Rumi reminds us, “You are not a drop in the ocean; you are the entire ocean in a drop.”

You are always bringing into your life what you desire most and what you do not want. Your focus governs your energy. In other words, “where your attention goes, your energy flows.”

The Pillar of Choice states that you have the choice to be your life’s co-creator and not just a victim of your experiences, which are the manifestation of your very own thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. You have the choice to change your reality right now.

You may be unable to change your past, but you can change your future; what you think about and focus on now invites and attracts your future experiences. When you reach a state of deep inner peace and tranquility, you can influence your mind in any way you wish, allowing you to ask for anything and to start creating your reality.

The Pillar of Mindfulness states that a person’s mind is like a garden, which may be intelligently cultivated or allowed to run wild. If you don’t plant beneficial seeds into it, then nothing good will come out.

Just as a gardener cultivates a garden, keeping it free from weeds and growing flowers and fruits, so may anyone tend the garden of the mind, weeding out wrong, useless, and impure thoughts.

Cultivating the right thoughts is essential, and the way to anchor them continuously is by emptying your mind.

Now that you know about “The Three Pillars of Manifestation,” you are ready to create your reality. But how?

After experiencing the most transformative period of my life: building a great marriage, being a role model for my daughter, building a wildly successful business, and paying off my debt, I realized that I could help others as well.

I started imparting seminars, coaching students, and writing books. This way, I shared my truth and began helping others understand how manifestation works.

Most importantly, my teacher was right there with me every step of the way. Together, my teacher and I compiled 200 Mind Declarations that you can use to manifest love, health, abundance, and well-being into your life.

Each Mind Declaration focuses on how you wish to feel and what you want to create. After all, you construct the fabric of your reality based on how you manage your energy via your emotions.

The 200 Mind Declarations are so powerful that they have already changed the lives of many others just like you. We divided the 200 Mind Declarations into four categories:

We carefully transcribed and recorded the 200 Mind Declarations, ready for you to start enjoying their transformative powers.

My teacher and I have analyzed the areas where personal transformation is most likely to occur. Therefore, each Mind Declaration targets a key area of your life.

The way the Mind Declarations work is straightforward. If you’re feeling powerless, anxious, or lonely, listen to one of the 50 Mind Declarations for fulfillment and inner peace. If you want to attract something specific, listen to one of the 50 Mind Declarations for abundance or positive relationships.

By repeating the Mind Declarations frequently, your reality will shift quickly in complete alignment with your deepest desires. Next, we created The Manifestation Manual.

In it, you will find the roadmap to start manifesting your reality by focusing on your spiritual growth, fully understanding and applying the Three Pillars of Manifestation, and developing your intuitive powers to realize your true purpose in life.

The Manifestation Manual consists of three parts:

Reclaim your ability to shift your reality with your imagination. Discover how to transmute fear into endless possibilities as you learn how to harness the abundant flow of energy around you by repeating the powerful Mind Declarations.

You’ll discover how to set the stage to allow the best version of yourself to emerge as you become highly attuned to your true purpose in life.

The Manifestation Manual covers many other topics that will allow you to understand your current stage in life, realize your true purpose, and manifest your reality.

We bundled the Mind Declarations and The Manifestation Manual into one program meant to help you transform your reality in the shortest time possible. This program is your sacred invitation to call upon the energy of the Universe and remember your power. We designed it to support you in your moments of need and help you to create and manifest your reality.

Now, you might be wondering: How much will this cost?

How valuable is it for you to become the creator of your reality by repeating a few pre-recorded sentences?

How life-changing would it be for you to attract the things you want as you block the things you don’t desire?

How valuable is it for you to grow spiritually, financially, and develop your intuitive powers to realize your true purpose?

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Then you will gain access to the entire program, which you can access instantly right here on the Accomplisher.com platform from your phone or computer. You will receive updates to the program for life, including new Mind Declarations, new resources, and more.

Right now—each now moment—is the most powerful moment you have, and in each moment, you can make the most potent choice a human being can make in life: to be a co-creator of your life, rather than just a victim of your circumstances.

If you don’t order now, you might delay the manifestation of the reality you truly want. You might unknowingly invite negative people and circumstances into your life while rejecting those things you desire.

Everything you’ve done in your life has brought you to this point. Now, you have an essential decision to make. Do you want to continue your life as always, unsure how to get ahead and let go of your problems, or do you want to manifest what is rightfully yours?

The infinity of The Universe is at your fingertips. You will feel calm, inspired, and empowered as you go through each Mind Declaration, finally finding and realizing your true purpose in life.

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The audiobook introduces you to the following:

If you feel that your life is full of negative emotions due to family problems, a job you don’t like, or anything else, this audiobook will help you make fast changes in your life.

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I know you might be on the fence. You want this program, but you’re not sure if it’s for you. Maybe the Law of Attraction didn’t work for you in the past, or perhaps you’re a bit skeptical.

Just try the program. If you don’t like it, ask for a refund, and it will be processed instantly. No questions asked.

Here is what you will receive:

First, you will receive the 200 Mind Declarations in audio and text format, accessible instantly, permanently, and from any device:

Next, you will receive the Manifestation Manual, containing valuable information on how to discover your true purpose, manifest your reality by unlocking the limitless abundance of the Universe, and activate your intuitive powers.

Finally, you will receive my super bonus – a full audiobook called “Master Your Emotions.”

The way I see it, you have two choices. You can continue living your life, trying to figure out how to change things. You will probably continue lost and confused, just the way I felt so many years ago.

OR… you can take this opportunity. You can listen to what the Universe is telling you and finally realize your true purpose.

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you live, or what problems you have right now. We’re all conscious human beings, and we can all manifest our dream reality by following the same basic principles of the Universe.

You have a critical decision right in front of you. What matters is that you make a genuinely conscious decision to bring authentic, lasting change into your life, and you act upon that decision.

The Universe will reward you immeasurably, and the changes brought into your life will be unlike anything you ever imagined.

However, I must ask something of you. When you order this program, put all your heart into it. Follow all the instructions by the letter. Give it your total commitment. BELIEVE that it will work. Repeat the Mind Declarations frequently.

If you don’t notice lasting changes in your life, please let me know, and we’ll figure something out. I’m always accessible, and I love hearing the experiences of those who try my program.

If you order now, you’ll have access to the entire program in less than a minute.

Take action now. Change your life forever and live the life of your dreams.

Limits, shortages, and lack of abundance are nothing but human constructs. The amount of resources in the Universe is infinite. The amount of possibilities is endless. You don’t have to live with ANY limits.

This program will help you reprogram your mind, so you start attracting the unlimited abundance found in the Universe.

Oh, and I promise, real, lasting change will come fast. Faster than you can imagine. Now, let’s do this together. Let’s change your life together.

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You will have access to the entire program forever.

Actual lasting change starts right now. Let’s do this together.

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This book is so inspirational, it’s so breathtakingly good. It’s everything that I have learned from other books and knew instinctively all in one course. Definitely a course that I’ll reference over and over again. I genuinely feel so calm, inspired and empowered by this course. Thanks again,

I am a Law of Attraction Practitioner and Consultant and can honestly say that this course is invaluable to anyone, either trained or untrained. Each mind declaration prepares the user for a deep experience that can only bring about feelings of pure positivity, gratitude and wisdom. I can’t recommend this course enough and I’m really excited by how many people will be able to manifest the life they’d always dreamed of but was always just out of reach.

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Click here to get Mind Declarations at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Mind Declarations is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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