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The internet
is going crazy for this little known method every PC owner should
know about…

“How to Instantly Speed up Your PC Quickly and Easily… Even if You
Completely Suck at Computers!”

won’t believe how easy it is to speed up any computer in mere
minutes… with these industry inside secrets!”

My name is
Penn Chan. I’m a fully qualified
computer technician & writer. 

But this
page isn’t about me… it’s about you.

While I may
not know you personally, I’m pretty sure I
know why you’ve come to this site.

simply fed up with having a slow computer that takes ages to boot up
and get anything done making you
want to pull you hair out.

You’re sick
of having everything constantly crashing or feeling like you’re
going to get the “blue screen of death” at any moment – and lose
everything you’ve ever saved on your computer.

Plus on top
of all of that you’re worried about all the Trojans & viruses
sneaking around on your computer causing
silent anarchy.

But The Worst Thing You Can do
Right Now is Hire a Computer Technician…

In fact
I would goes as far as saying….

As you
read this… Innocent people are being
ripped off by money
hungry computer technicians.

promise to speed up your computer, triple the speed of your internet
& increase your productivity for a few hundred dollars… But the
truth is what they do is so easy anyone could do it!

because they use big sounding words they somehow con everyday
people into believing that what they do is rocket science!
(Which is isn’t!)

don’t worry…In just a few moments I’m going to spill the beans on
the insider secrets of PC optimization that’ll save you a small

I don’t
care if you’re a frail 95 year old grandma who’s never used the
internet before, a busy stay at home mom or the brightest wiz kid on
the block – you can do this!

first allow me to introduce myself.

My name
is Penn and if I wasn’t the guy who used to get called out at my
old job to come and speed up people’s computer’s – I wouldn’t

Just How Idiot Proof it Really is!

don’t have to install any expensive software to make this work
– in fact you probably already have everything on your computer
right now!

computer Coding Needed
– You won’t have to delve into the complicated code of your computer
to make it go faster, remember this is idiot proof!

don’t need to buy expensive new hardware
– This
method doesn’t require you to run down to your local computer shop
and fork out hundreds (or even thousands) to purchase new hardware.

No need
to pull your computer apart
– Put those tools away because there’s no way you’re going to need
to pull the guts of your computer out and reorganize things, it’s
much more simpler than that!

Heck, my
method doesn’t involve any of that…

Before I
go into more detail, let me talk about:

The Dirty Little Secrets of

So Called Computer Experts…

Let’s imagine that you decide to hire a computer optimization
expert. You maybe find them on craigslist or in the yellow pages.

They come into your home and office and basically…

1) Click a few buttons in “My Computer” to run a software you
already have called Disk Cleaner – anyone can do this!


Launched another easy software (It’s simpler to understand
than solitaire) called windows Defragmenter.


He uninstalls some stuff…


He presses a few buttons and changes some settings so easy a
monkey could be trained to do it

Plus, these aren’t even the most effective changes – my methods
are much more powerful!

Can’t you see why it’s a massive rip of?

But on top of that you have to have someone play around on your
private computer who can go through all of your files and see your
entire internet history.

With computer technicians you have no privacy – a complete
stranger goes through some of your most personal information and

But that’s why I got so passionate about creating a tell-all-guide.
A way for everyday people to understand how to speed up their

“Introducing PC Secrets” 

easy to read report is the only one available that’s written in
friendly language with absolutely no jargon.

I wrote
it so that anyone can understand it without having a PHD in
computer science.

that’s not the case with other guides who claim to be similar to
this top seller. They are full of complicated fluff and computer
terms that the everyday person couldn’t hope to understand.

fall into that trap.

this report you’ll discover…


How to make your computer boot up in mere seconds – so you don’t
have to sit around for minutes!

A little known secret method that protects your computer

Exactly how you can Instantly end any threat of Spyware, Trojans and
Viruses destroying your computer from the inside out – for good!

Secret “Insider” settings
with just a few clicks will speed up your computer MULTIPLE TIMES –
it doesn’t get any easier than this!

Proven Secrets to keep your computer running fast for months and
even years into the future!

don’t just take my word for it…

Just Look What Past Customers Have Said…

Boots Up in Seconds!”

I got a new laptop a few
months ago and was shocked to find out that it was starting to take
much longer than usual to load programs or boot up.

After following the
strategies outlined in your special guide I was able to alter a few
easy settings and now it boots up in seconds, just like you

Just Wished I Had This Before… Way Before!”

When I
first used the guide I could not believe how sweet
this whole thing was! It was step by step, thorough;
so fool proof it practically forced me to speed up
my computer.

I just wish I had this before…way before! Thanks a

“Computer Illiterate finds it a Piece of Cake!”

As a 51
year old who’s always learning I’ve done a great many things.
However taming my computer wasn’t one of them I could envision prior
to reading your report.

make it sound so simple & easy that even someone as computer
illiterate as myself finds it a piece of cake.

“Speed up Computer Quickly with No Experience”

I’ve been a computer
technician for 13 years and one thing that most average day people
don’t know is what we do isn’t rocket science.

Behind all the jargon &
qualifications the truth is that a lot of things on computers are
quick and easy.

Your guide is a perfect
example how anyone can remove the monsters inside their computer,
change some easy settings and speed up their computer quickly
without having any sort of computer experience.

“Recommended Guide To Colleagues”

I ordered your guide a while back and
have been following your tips closely. I
find it a real eye opener and I just had
to tell you how please I am with it. I
feel that I have learnt every possible
way of making my computer faster, please
keep up the great work! I will be
recommending your guide to my

-Frank Smith

“Fixed my Computer Within 25 Minutes!”

you’ve made me a very happy person. I signed up for
your package and within 25 minutes I have managed to
solve my slow computer problem. Coming from a non
techie background, I have to thank you that I can
now see the light at the end of the tunnel and I am
glad to say it is not a train coming the other way!

up the great work I am off to follow some more of
your advice.


Completely Updated for 2009

thing that makes PC secrets so great is that it’s fully updated for
2009. That means that unlike other guides all the information is
fresh and up-to-date.

also get continuous FREE updates in your one of the
first 30 people to order everyday.

If this
section is still there – you get free updates. But you must hurry,
because often this bonus sells out within minutes.

that’s not all you get a…

100% No-Questions Asked Money
Back Guarantee!

There is one thing that I’m completely certain about is that this is
the best PC optimization course in the world… and I’ll bet my own
money on it.

I also believe that the tactics included inside the course will get
you results and speed up your computer instantly.

So with your permission download the course, use it for a full

60 days and if you decide this wasn’t the best online
purchase decision you ever make… send me an email. I’ll refund your money
within 48 hours –no questions asked!

I’ll even let you keep the course!

That means there is absolutely no risk to you and everything to

But enough
small talk…

How Much Does this Thing Cost?

Some things are hard to put a price tag on.
Memories for example. Or a piece of mind.

The question you should really be asking
is… How much is this worth to you?

What would it be worth to know your precious
memories, in the form of photos and videos are safely tucked away in
files on your computer?

Or let’s talk about your
other options…

Getting a “professional” to
come over and do the work on your computer. How much would that
cost? The answer obviously varies depending on
where you live… but often it’s a few hundred dollars.

imagine if you had multiple computers it could cost even more!

that’s assuming the best – imagine if your computer crashed and
you lost invaluable documents and software.

Not to
mention the value of the documents, it’s no easy task for even the
best data recovers to restore your PC’s hard drive.  In fact at the
bare minimum it’ll cost several hundred to multiple thousands of

take into account the risk you’ll have to take when hiring a
computer technician.  Do you really want a complete stranger going
through your most personal files and details?

of identity theft & credit card theft are endless – the last thing
you want to do is open up your computer for some greasy stranger to
hack in.

But I’m not going to charge that, not even close.

You see
I was originally going to publish this as an expensive physical home
study course with DVDS, manuals and audio CD’s.

It would
go into a huge amount of detail how to protect your computer and
have a bunch of software.

But I
wanted to keep it cheap so anyone could afford it, after all I
believe in Karma and what you give comes back at you.

But the
real reason is…

Because of the Internet you

get an Instant Discount!

of going creating a physical guide I’ve decided to make a
downloadable course.

It’s the
same information in the course just available in a different format
– plus they’re so easy to download that even my 89 year old grandma
could and she’s a complete computer dunce.

coolest thing is that get this course instantly! I’m not even
kidding when I say you can be listening to this course in the next
30 seconds.  

saves me money because I don’t even have pay for expensive
warehousing or fulfillment staff and it also saves you money because
you don’t have to pay for shipping.

When you
work it out that’s about 2 large Pizzas and a six pack. It’s a no brainer!

Warning… There is a catch!

of the global recession a lot of prices have increased, advertising
costs have gone up & so have many of the costs of running this

The only
way I can continue to help people around the world is to increase my

But you
can avoid this by ordering right now!

Click Here NOW to
download your copy!

So I
guess at this point…

The Rubber hits the Road…

cut to the chase: you are interested or you wouldn’t still be
reading – and I congratulate you.

majority of people in this world would have been way too lazy to
read this much into the page so I really respect you for that.

that’s why you’re different. You’re dead serious on
making this work and that’s pretty cool if you ask me.

Let’s be
frank with each other this course isn’t for everyone.

It’s for
people who don’t want to have to read through pages of complicated
computer jargon confused out of their mind.

It’s for
people who are sick of hearing hype and B.S and just want real
results – without having to hire an overpriced so called
“computer expert” or forking out thousands on new hardware.

already shown you how you can save money, protect your privacy, stop
getting so frustrated at your computer & defend your computer from
viruses and Trojans with a few easy steps.

told you how you’re completely protected with my money back

that’s left is your order!

This is
a two way ball game. I can only do too much….

Here’s what I want you  to do right

you need to is click the order button below.

be redirected to an order processing page (this is completely
encrypted so your details are safe!)

your payment has been approved – which takes about 5 seconds you’ll
be automatically directed to the member’s area where you can download
your copy of PC secrets instantly.

quick & easy.

So do it
right now. As the genius Goethe once said: “Knowing
is not enough; we must apply!”

I think
he’s right. Take action now. You know this is the right decision
because it comes down to 2 things.

60 days
from now you could be sitting at home frustrated at how slow your
stupid computer is, while it’s packed full of viruses & other
ungodly monsters…

Or you
could be happily using a safe and fast computer confident that it’ll
work for you – and that it will continue to for months and years to

(Clickbank sells our products – they are a trusted
online retailer specializing in

digitally delivered products.)

I just
hope you make the right decision.

Remember, your payment is completely secure and safe.
We use
similar encryption to some of the largest banks in the world
– this means that nobody including us will get your credit card

Computer Expert & Author

Click Here NOW to
download your copy!

It doesn’t matter if it’s 2:01 am in
the morning!

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Click here to get PC Secrets at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

PC Secrets is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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