The Diet Plate Female Version FNE Earthenware


It’s not just a plate…
…but an easy weight loss programme managed just by the eye
Clinically proven, SIX times more likely to lose weight than going it alone



Product Description

Power On Your Plate!

Hate to diet? Love what you cook? Want to eat with your family without being made to feel different because you want to lose weight? Can’t be bothered to weigh your food portions, count points, or calories. Take a look at this brand new concept and lifestyle pack called the The Diet Plate.
The Diet Plate is a fine earthenware plate manufactured to the highest standards by Royal Stafford Tableware Ltd. It is microwave and dishwasher safe, invented by Kay Illingworth a finalist in the British Female Inventor of the Year Awards 2002. The plate has been on trial with several State Registered Dieticians (Dieticians) and has been acknowledged as a nutritionally balanced aid for dieting. The boundaries designated for starch and protein are an accurate dietary measure and that the plate is suitable for diabetics to use.
The Diet Plate is a revolutionary new slimming tool, a simple method of controlling calories and portion sizes with a powerful visual and practical aid. The Diet Plate replaces your everyday dinner plate and becomes your perfect partner in portion control. It makes losing weight easier to do and as you cut down on the proteins and carbohydrates, which contain all the calories, it leaves space on your plate to fill up on the good stuff, like carrots, cabbage, broccoli and salads. Even better, this way of eating may prevent cancer and heart disease and is ideal for diabetics. Eyes Bigger than Belly Syndrome means more Calories!
Everything today is super sized, people evaluate bigger with better and value for money. This is not necessarily so with food. Large chocolate muffins oozing with chocolate chips may be visually exciting and a delight to the taste buds, but halfway through it, when you really had enough, you keep on chomping because

  • It cost you money
  • Its what was sold as a portion size
  • Its too good to leave

    Even though all your senses have been satisfied by 4 bites!
    What we all forget about is the calorie content. We could have had the same sensation for 200 calories but we chose the bigger version, which contains 400 calories. Eyes bigger than belly syndrome, and more calories!

    The Diet Plate has a science behind its development, dieticians will tell you the only way to lose weight is to use up more calories than you actually take in with food.
    The Diet Plate is calibrated so that the starch or carbohydrate section will hold no more than four ounces before the food starts to slide over the boundary tape. The protein section will hold three ounces before the meat or oily fish is spreading over that boundary tape. If you pile the food too high it will just cascade over, that is why there are no ridges on the plate to hold it in place. Starches contain about 35 calories an ounce, while proteins can contain 95 calories.
    Portion Control Made Easy
    The plate is simply mathematical, a perfect visual representation, wrapped up in an everyday tool called a plate.


    Use if you desire to lose weight or maintain goal weight as part of the Diet Plate weight management plan


    Daily, for the main meal of the day.

    Safety Warning

    Not oven proof and may get hot in the microwave.

    Legal Disclaimer

    Only effective when used as part of a calorie controlled diet. See Diet Plate weight management plan.

    Box Contains

  • Female Diet Plate

  • It’s not just a plate…
    …but an easy weight loss programme managed just by the eye
    Clinically proven, SIX times more likely to lose weight than going it alone
    Microwave and dishwasher friendly made in England from fine earthenware
    For women with less than 75lbs to lose (33kg)

    Specification: The Diet Plate Female Version FNE Earthenware


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    The Diet Plate Female Version FNE Earthenware
    The Diet Plate Female Version FNE Earthenware


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