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Expert Witness: expert witness in the law of evidence, a witness who is allowed to give opinion evidence as opposed to evidence of his perception. This is the case only if the witness is indeed skilled in some appropriate discipline. An exception to the usual rule of practice whereby witnesses are heard one after the other and do not hear the evidence of the preceding witness is made in relation to competing experts. The term skilled witness is favored in Scotland. (Legal dictionary definition Collins Dictionary of Law © W.J. Stewart, 2006 )

  Furnishing your evidence, a sound opinion of value can be reached using appropriate reference material in an organized manner by anyone who has gone though the effort of gathering the facts. There is absolutely no magic involved. All That is needed is evidence results in an honest conclusion. Only facts count and a logical presentation confirm value.

Property Tax Appeal: Professional Itemized Work Book + Bonuses
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Our desire is to empower homeowners to reduce an over-assessed property tax. We believe everyone deserves step-by-step guidance, easy to understand professional appraiser guideline valuation percentages and math. Examples prepared and vetted by qualified experts that help you set the record straight for a precise home valuation.

Make your property tax assessment appeal numbers STICK using accurate, NOT QUESSWORK, fact-based valuation methods for your home.

Unravel What Your TRUE Lower Property Tax should using our toolkit.

If you’re in a hurry & If You Need A Professional REAL ESTATE APPRAISER’s A-Z Made Easy,
Step-By-Step, Low-Cost Course that Nails Your Home’s Real Valuation
Without Hiring a Real Estate Appraiser and/or Attorney

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Property Tax Appeal CourseStep-by-Step Commercial Property Tax Appeal Guide

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RESIDENTIAL Property Tax Consultant Course

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Earn Helping Yourself & Others: Property Tax Appeal
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Residential Property Tax Appeal Consulting Course

if you have time on your side …
See If You Have A Winnable Case.
Free eBook + Fact Worksheet

If You Have a Case, a Surefire Way for Lowering your Property Tax is to Make the Correct Adjustments to your comparables and show the right proof to win your case. We show you every way possible to win your case.

We guide you every step of the way. Property tax assessments are often hastily arrived at and can contain glaring mistakes and errors. From a real estate appraisers standpoint, I show you how to get usable facts and boil down the essential adjustments. This will determine if you have a case. Learn how to make the correct adjustments to your comparables and then use that factual evidence to win an appeal.

Rarely are two homes the same. There are differences in sold prices, location, square footage, a number of appearance and condition factors and other adjustment choices. These are situations you adjust for applying sound evidence so you can make your case stick. Our easy to understand course shows you exactly how.

Organize and present your evidence with our help. You appeal case will be clear, the facts will speak loud and you’ll have optimized your presentation for the winningest appeal.

Use Realistic Valuations & Adjustments For:

square footage differences

property site and view adjustments

functional utility (deficiencies or overbuilt features)

swimming pool, fireplace(s), remodeled kitchen, kitchen equipment, etc.

Save Time & Money on the Learning Curve.

Use An Expert Resource
Have All At Your Fingertips to Maximize Your Property Tax Appeal.

Don’t lose your chance to appeal!

Learn to appeal assessment of your property tax using our experience.

Use Realistic Valuations & Adjustments For:

different neighborhood adjustments

difference in total square feet of living space

number of rooms, bedrooms, baths

sold preferably within 4 months, adjust price if longer

adjustments for sales or financing concessions

type of windows or thermopane windows

basement i.e. finished, unfinished or none

differences in deck, patio, porch, etc.

good/inferior school districts

If you are serious about appealing your property taxes, you’ll want a definitive guide to Property Values and Accurate Tax Adjustments to Use for differences in square footage, age of comparables, location or anything that one comparable has and the other lacks such as number of garages, decks … and … over 20 other adjustment categories you can employ  in order to Win your Real Estate Property Tax Reduction Appeal.

This exact resource that will help you deliver a compelling written appeal with the right adjustments and necessary elements that make sense to the Tax Assessor as well as to the Municipal Court of Appeals and that has the extremely high chance of winning.

     Use this comprehensive, logical itemized workbook using actionable advice! This Real Estate Tax Reduction User Guide is intuitive and easy to apply for you to use every adjustment possible to appeal for a lower assessment.

NOTE: Even if you missed the deadline … You can still appeal! Visit Missed Deadline (see Appeal Tax Help)

The Greatest Property Tax Appeals Markdown Methods – Property Tax Appeal Power Guidebook Resource Guides You Step-by-Step
Outrageously simple ideas that will likely get your property taxes lowered!

Appeal Your Own Property Tax OR Evaluate the Residential and
Commercial Property Tax Reduction Business and Earn Fees with Your
First Client

A growing numbers of homeowners and businesses will doubt the accuracy
of their assessments and desire to appeal their
property taxes!

Rectify a tax injustice and give the customer the
property tax break they deserve.
In turn, you are rewarded out of that tax reduction by way of a contingency
fee that can carry over into subsequent years.
Besides feeling great about helping others, this is highly lucrative.

This contingency carry over means you’re rewarded
multiple times for the same hours of work. Besides getting
rewarded monetarily, you will enjoy helping your client out of an
unfair assessment jam. Check out the process!

Extremely Useful Free house appraisal and property
tax appeal forms. The forms are PDF downloadable and provide a generic
template to organize your information in an acceptable format so you
can present your evidence in good style. It is similar to that used by
licensed real estate appraisers.  You’ll be given the password to
access this information shortly after your order.

Invaluable Sample Fee Agreement Forms, Fill In Fee
Agreement Form, Sample Advisor/Agency Authorization Form, Fill In
Advisor/Agency Authorization Forms, Residential Solicitation Letters,
Signed Contract Transmittal Letters, Thank You For Choosing Our
Company Letters, We Have Filed Your Appeal Letters, Invoice Form For
Services Rendered, Enclosed Is Your Invoice Letters, Past Due Notice
Letters ….

Invaluable This is the ins and
outs for making this business work. All the methods, advice and
tactics you’ll need to fast-track this business. You learn how to set
up your business and learn how to go about marketing your business to
a huge population of potential clients.

Invaluable  Keep yourself updated with the latest
research and property tax appeal advice for life.

Package #5
Tactics & Persuasive Salescopy Ebook 110
Pages …

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You Rich. If you can’t persuade people to buy your products, you’re
going nowhere. Ever think that maybe that missing piece is knowing how
to write persuasive copy to your customers? Could the only thing
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sales letters and copy writing for more detailed

Without using these principles when working on your
property tax appeal, you could be leaving a TRUCKLOAD of money on the table.
Times are tough, and the tough may need some skilled help in order to prosper.

or keep reading below for more details

When your property tax assessment notice arrives REALIZE: Home’s Assessed Value DOES NOT EQUAL Market Value

“Property Tax Assessment” and “Property and House Market Value” are entirely different concepts and numbers.

The KEY lies in you determining if your real estate property taxes are fair, or not.

  Get the sales ratio for the municipality Verbiage may be different from one municipality to another. Sales ratio could be ALSO CALLED director’s ratio, the common level of 100% of true value, the average ratio, assessment level, RAR (residential assessment ratio), the equalization rate or something similar.

 Divide the assessed value on your notice by the sales ratio to find the “perceived” market value that the tax assessor thinks your home is worth. This is the actual value the tax assessor placed on your home and is the value you’ll need to compare against comparable sold homes.

 MLS Copies: Find a local real estate broker and obtain comparable property sold sales that are equal to yours in size and location. You NEED photocopies of sold homes from MLS ( multiple listing service) since this has “buyer” orientated features you can use to prove your case.

This information is Not FOUND on automated sites and because you need to make ADJUSTMENETS for age differences, new roof, updated kitchen, bath, patios/decks, fireplace, vaulted ceilings, oak floors and other positive features (by which you adjust the value of your home lower) and RELATED ITEMS, you need this source.

Compare your comparable “sold” values to the “derived” market value that the town tax assessor gave your property. If the difference is significant enough, appeal it!

It is very important to ask the tax assessor what homes they will use to compare yours to. You need to do this since they are looking to set you up by using their evidence. They will use those comparable choices against you.

You’ll need to poke holes into their argument and show false values they may attach to those comparables. Introduce your more favorable comparable and shed a more logical light using principles found in our resource and it becomes a slam dunk.

Make a written request via a fax to the appraisal district. Get that information in advance so you are prepared. Show how those homes do not compare to yours. This is an adversarial confrontation and you need to be armed with the evidence that the opposition is using. The Freedom of Information Act allows you to get this information. Smile, be friendly, but come armed with facts.

Use photos, have the Multiple Listing Service sold listing backup information to show that their homes are not comparable to yours. Then offer examples that you found for homes that are more comparable to yours in location, size, quality, age and condition.

If there are differences, adjust dollar amounts for differences between comparables for age, size, location, quality, condition and the host of other factors as shown in our manual. That way your facts win the case, hands down.

Cut your learning curve using our guaranteed resource:
property tax appeal professional itemized work book, forms and video!

     The basics of a tax appeal are the same in every state of the union.  You need to find comparable homes that sold for less than what the assessor thinks your home is worth.      

     Remember, assessed value does not equal market value. You need to do the math. Divide the assessed value The county assigns a sales ratio for your area and you’ll need to have that number.

     When you divide the assess value by the sales ratio, THIS IS THE NUMBER THAT THE TAX ASSESSOR ASSIGNS TO YOUR HOME THAT YOU WILL BE TAXED ON.

     Now all you have to do is FIND EVIDENCE to beat that number in order to win an appeal. 

     You do that by finding typical homes that sold for less than your home and in a similar neighborhood. Then all you have to do, USING OUR GUIDE, MAKE ADJUSTMENTS FOR DIFFERENCES for ages between your comparable sold homes you have chosen and your home, differences in square footage, condition, view, noise factors, differences in the number of garages, decks, patios … etc (a boatload of possible factors covered in our resource).     

     You’ll get forms where you will write in the market values for the sold comparable homes chosen and the various adjustments you’ll make to those houses. Those hard figures and evidence you will present to the tax assessor or municipal equalization board and they will have to agree with you.

     That’s how it is done. And, we show you how to do it, item by item.

     If you don’t like overpaying and getting taken to the cleaners – prepare to have your life changed!   Have you ever noticed how some people are paying less while others are paying more on their property taxes and how hard it is to figure out what you are really paying for? 

    Many property owners hail this Property Tax Reduction Formula as a genuine money saver!  I plunged myself headlong into what I’ve learned from appraising real estate and property tax appeal preparation and put it into a comprehensive format and work-up analysis and presentation format for you to make an effective appeal.

This Property Tax Appeal Guide Book, Written By A Real Estate Appraiser Works!

“George Evers has one of the most thoroughly focused
property tax appeal research and guide systems I’ve ever
seen. The man has reduced property taxes to a nearly exact
science and 80% of his appeals succeed right out of the
gate. His input on your appeal will be priceless.” –
Mike Vance

Mike Vance & Associates,
Netcong, NJ

Cut Your Property Tax & Win your Property Tax Appeal using
professional itemized work book!
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Large and Small Property Tax Appeals Won

     And now you can be among the informed Americans who will use this astonishing eBook, including work-up analysis form and presentation format forms, but only if you reserve one before your appeal date runs out … or better yet, before you get your next property tax bill.

     You, the homeowner, are already the government’s #1 tax target to fund their expenses. Every time you look at your mail when the new assessment come out, there is a tax form demanding your attention and your money. If you suspect that you are overpaying for the new round of budget expenses, you may be – unless you discover a few secrets normally used only by “the big guys” to fight back!       

   My name is George and, the first thing you should know about me is that I’m not really an internet marketing expert. After working as a carpenter, I then worked in the business of real estate appraisals and later, property tax appeals. I learned a few things about property tax appeals and home valuations.   

   What I AM an expert in is a very solid and secure way to GET MONEY BACK FROM YOUR PROPERTY TAX APPEAL at a LOWER COST if you have a case. I show you how to APPEAL THE RIGHT INFORMATION to the appeal authorities, and how to virtually ELIMINATE YOUR TAX ASSESSORS COMPS so you can dominate using your comps in your appeal. I was a pro appraiser for long years (from 1987) back in the heady “evolutionary period” of appraisals to what it is now. So let’s talk about how to take your appeal to the next level:

“How To Increase Your Current Appeal Chances of Success AND Successfully Make Adjustments that get you assessment money back With Virtually No Risk Using Step By Step, Precise, Virtually Fail-Proof Research”

Now, I know you don’t know me from Adam yet, so you’ll probably need some …

That I can help YOU use simple property appraisal market research to achieve success in your existing appeal, or to even break into the property tax appeal tax consultant business
(home business opportunity course)

Proof Point #1
I’ve helped win
property tax appeals
in my home state

     You see, I’m the ‘property tax appeal consultant and real estate appraiser professional’ that helped many half-million-dollar and plus homes bring in winning appeals that help me over time crawl deep inside the parameters of the tax assessors minds….and uncover exactly what it is these folks are desperate to succeed at …which is: to improve and maintain the existing property tax base … AND how they pick their comparables (often before there’s even a lower established current market sales figure).

     During the years I was doing real estate appraisals and property tax appeals, these kinds of homeowners who questioned their assessments won huge amounts.  Do you think they would have done that if what I was bringing to the table didn’t work?

Proof Point #2
I’ve helped win
property tax appeals
for the little guy on a
budget, nation-wide, over
& over again!

     Before you say “that’s all well and good, but I’m not as well-off as some homeowners and I don’t have thousands of dollars to invest in a property tax appeal”.

     You see, despite all my previous success, I decided to leave the real estate appraiser rat race, and start my own small business using the system I’d developed. It took me a few years to figure out how to apply all the principles in writing, but once I did (in March 1999), the results were nothing short of astounding!   

  Here’s the story: Every good appraiser knows there are just three basic things behind winning a property tax appeal — (1) a decent format … (2) keeping your comparables similar … and (3) making acceptable and reasonable adjustments for each particular valuation category.

     Some homeowners think they can buy their way into winning a tax appeal. You’ve seen ‘em or heard of them hiring top-of- the-line appraisers, mega-buck attorneys, the works. And they still may lose in court. Awful. Then they need to appeal again to the next higher authority and the meter is running for big extra expenses.   

    Still others scour the magazines and internet for any hint they can find on how to crunch the numbers and reduction techniques to make their appeal work in their favor.

     Well, guess what? The top appraisers occasionally “reveal” their favorite tips or you might get a brief overview. The professionals simply do not want to share these secrets with you or anyone else since they don’t have the time or incentive to do so.

Flash! People Who Own Homes Need A Reliable Resource Guide to Make Dollar Adjustments For Differences In Comparable Values of Sold Homes to Theirs In Order To Contest Their Property Taxes.

     The one thing I had not thought of was to make this specialized knowledge available to everyone who felt they were getting the short end of the stick. I had the experience working as an appraiser and had been successful translating assessments into market value and winning property tax appeals.  

   So I started thinking, why not put it into an understandable product and deliver an island of sanity into an insane process? Better yet, make it into an understandable product complete with work-up analysis forms and presentation format that is step-by-step.

    With my experience and the access I had to the best appraisal research and trends, I could successfully appeal real estate property taxes. Do you think I wanted to help others reduce property taxes?

  In a word, the answer is … Yes!!     

  Mainly out of compassion and because I’ve had great reactions from others and professionals over time. They were universally positive, some even ecstatic. Over time I had thousands of satisfied customers and have rewritten many parts of the training guide to make it more understandable and easier to follow. This is a tested tax appeal guide on the market … that works!!!

Here are just some of the key benefits of this likely one-of-a-kind scientific tax appeal work up you’ll find short of employing a licensed real estate appraiser:

It can be applied to any home or property (except historic homes): Get and plug in the right valuation figures for your home and comparable categories. You save time on the learning curve. Plus, you’ll make fewer mistakes.

Fifth grade math   A little addition, subtraction, a little multiplying and division, fifth grade English. Nothing to complicated.

Bottom line: It’s fully road tested, proven, and guaranteed to work. Simple to understand. Easy to apply. Logical explanations and real examples to follow. Backup valuation evidence for what assets are really worth.

    Let me get right to the point. We Save You Time On The Learning Curve By Simplifying The Process Now, … the truth is, by doing your research up front, using our lower tax appeal reduction e-book, you’re actually SAVING TIME & MONEY — A LOT OF IT!! (Part of what insulates you from others not succeeding in their tax appeal is that they refuse to think like this.)

     On a PER-HOUR basis using our work up is a MUCH MORE VALUABLE use of your time than chasing an appeal with no guide to steer you and hoping for an easier path.

     While it may be a four letter word, I’ve come to cherish the w-o-r-k that I put into building my property tax appeal system and leave it to you to reap the results.

However, I really don’t see how you could possibly get a high-percentage appeal on your own WITHOUT our system manual (unless you are a real estate appraiser or professor), and I’m personally convinced that ANY & EVERY homeowner who decides to appeal their taxes that’s neglecting this kind of guidance is undermining their chances of winning and quite possibly be leaving chunks of money on the table!

In fact, I can excitedly say it’s absolutely possible for you to do EVEN BETTER than the average Joe … but there are many factors involved and it’s important you keep reading so you’ll  understand that you have nothing to lose. (It’ll be worth your while I promise)

  The APPEAL TIME FRAME WINDOW is ticking away. Get your reduction appeal started before you lose the window of opportunity to appeal and have to wait another year. But even if you have to wait, you’ll have this manual in your arsenal and you’ll be ready to deliver when the opportunity arrives again!

   Easy to use, step-by-step forms and instructions for making the believable, right reduction adjustment figures and put the lion’s share of your money back into your pocket.Over 200 pages loaded with money saving property tax appeal help, forms, tables, and loads of useful information.

   Discover how to identify pure mistakes in mechanical errors on your property tax bill and how to challenge them. Find how to file a formal appeal and what finishing touches to highlight. How to present data evidence and challenge the Tax Assessor’s data at the Assessment Appeal Board in a way so you don’t miss the boat.

   Discover how to find good comparable sold properties and hit the jackpot by identifying fair market value that holds up under scrutiny. All-important glossary of all residential property tax terms so you won’t be kept in the dark. You’ll learn techniques to help eliminate higher-priced tax assessor comparables and turn the focus on the valid competitive comparables

Plus, to out and out COMPEL YOU INTO ACTION, you’ll get all of the following FREE BONUSES BY ACTING TODAY …

BONUS ebook, work-up analysis form and presentation house appraisal and property tax appeal format forms. The forms are PDF downloadable and provide a generic template to organize your information in an acceptable format so you can present your evidence in good style. It is similar to that used by licensed real estate appraisers.  You’ll be given the password to access this information shortly after your order.

A FREE Video taking you through the entire process
so you don’t leave any stones unturned.

I Can’t Do Property Tax Appeals In Your Town since it is too distant.   What I can do is give you
my best tools and what I think is the best chance to win your real estate property tax appeal without spending a fortune doing it.  

     All along I keep you updated with the latest research and property tax appeal advice for life. Most manuals offer advice and do not offer ALL the specifics let alone treat every category in detail needed for winning a property tax appeal. This tutorial will guide you step-by-step into organizing your appeal correctly plus we keep you updated.

     You’ll apply the rules for getting the most out of your home’s figures so you put on paper the winningest presentation to officialdom. Mark my words, when you have a case, you can be confident to appeal it year after year until you win.

     I hope you’ll see this as an investment in your future, so my aim is to help you get you appeal money in YOUR pocket as quickly as possible.

I’m happy to report I’ve decided to offer this for the low price of: 

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Win your Property Tax Appeal using professional itemized work book!

Add To Cart, “I’m ready for my Property Tax Appeal Mark Down Methods – Property Tax Appeal Power Guide Ebook!”

     Your first Guarantee: You have TWO full months to examine everything, use what you wish, and, if for any reason or even no reason, you want a full refund, just return everything and you’ll get your money back immediately. NO questions asked. You do not need a ‘my dog ate my homework story’. No one will ask you any questions at all. No hassle. No ‘fine print’. Simple and straightforward; you are thrilled with what you get or you get a full refund. And, incidentally, I’m devoted to the goal of only having satisfied customers. If you’re not going to profit from having my System, I really would prefer to buy it back.      

Your SECOND Guarantee: If you keep the System after the two months, I’ll ride along with you for another TEN months and, if, after a full year from your purchase date, you will show me proof that you used at least one strategy, System, or tool from the Kit in your tax appeal, and you will look me in the eye on paper and tell me you did not put at least a few hundred in your bank account that you would not have otherwise, send me a note describing your use and failure with the Manual, I will STILL refund every penny you’ve paid.  

I want you to put tens of thousands of dollars of savings in your bank account in the course of ten or twenty years, that you know would never have gotten there without my Manual, or I want to buy it back.

This is about having a proven pro tell you the TRUTH about the quality of your comparable adjustments, bring you plug-in data guidelines, red flags warnings to avoid and presenting acceptable parameters to steer you toward a winning property tax appeal. Are you in?

You’d better hurry.   Act Quickly … This is Your Opportunity to save some sizable money by doing Your Tax Appeal.

However, property tax appeals done AFTER the season ends is another matter. The tax assessors phone doesn’t ring very much and there is little work to be done. As a result, they are relaxed and more inclined to listen.

As long as you have a friendly tone, you can visit the assessor multiple times with your comparative evidence, and new comparative evidence if need be, and chances are better that he/she will grant the appeal on the spot. All you need to do is produce reasonable figures and evidence for them to work with.

If you procrastinate, you will wonder if you could have won and what it would have been like saving 15, 20 or more percent on your property taxes.

Getting your hands on the “Property Tax Appeal Formula ( Property Tax Appeal Power Guidelines)” is the most important action you can take for your home appeal today.  With it you’ll be nearly invincible in the property tax appeal world … but without it you could be soon be very vulnerable.  

“It’s the best investment you
can make in your home ” 
Bill Harrison – Philadelphia, PA

“Whatever the price is, it’s going to be a lot cheaper than spending years trying to make a property tax appeal or hiring an appraiser and
tax lawyer to represent you.”
Bob Hunt – Andover, NJ

Questions? Call me at 862-400-5455
(You can call 9-5 EST)

Question: Hi i’VE BEEN SITTING on your site for long time and thinking if anybody else is doing it throughout Australia and if it can be done or the Laws and the demand are the same? – Vic from Australia

Answer: Valuation principles are the same anywhere in the world. Absolutely. The same principles for adjusting for better or worst for home features based on comparable sales is the same touchstone for determining value anywhere in the world. Any legislating authority that allows you to challenge evidence to change an error assessments by producing evidence is fair game.

Property Tax Appeal
Professional Itemized Work Book
Guide Book, Paper Work Layout

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Step-by-Step Commercial Property Tax Appeal Guide

Commercial Property Tax Value Guide and Appeal Markdown Methods
Commercial Property Tax Reduction

Professional Property Tax Consultant Course

Adjust Property Taxes & Appeals For Others As A Source For Extra Income

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Property Tax Appeal Consulting

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FREE Detailed Property Tax Appeal Guidebook + Video + Category Adjustment Guide that Shows You If You Have a Case. offers a FREE real estate appraiser adjustment categories page to aid the homeowner in determining deduction areas and help Determine true market value.

Also provided is a FREE calculation aid that equates the assessed value to what your town is ACTUALLY valuing your home at.

Also a FREE Guidebook! With this overview, If you find a large enough discrepancy, you, the homeowner, have cause to appeal your property tax.

Call us at 862-400-5455
if you have questions.

“A commonsense guide I used that covers the minefields of cost adjustments, comparable home price comparisons and a lot more that is explained in the book and it makes sense of what figures to use in valuation adjustments. I was reassessed too high. It worked for me to get my appeal going. ”

Alan King

I’ve read a few others on this subject, but so far (up to Chap 4), yours is the best. (NO BS, as I’d be the first to let you know otherwise!!)….
I am a taxpayer advocate and can confirm the high error rate on property tax cards. The contract assessor stated that  it is “the taxpayer’s annual responsibility to check their card for errors”!!  An unwritten and not widely advertised law of assessing, I guess!

We recently had a statistical update (Reval) of 2400 parcels and there were 200+ people who attended individual informal hearings. The result, over 300 changes to cards. The local government response: “we congratulate the contractors for taking additional information from taxpayers and acting upon that information.”  Statistically I would say pretty alarming rate of bad information in the database.

Anyhow thanks for a good guide book.

E. T. Reed
8 Michela Way
Nottingham, NH 03290

“I even went ahead and did it on my own house and saved 23% off the entire assessment. How could I pass up this deal? There was no way because I knew something like this only comes around once in a “blue moon.” I never try to get someone involved in something I haven’t done.

Plus, I love it when my bank balance suddenly surges up. It’s a great feeling.”

Alice Mendosa
Springfield, MA

“Thanks to your tips, I just won my appeal! I’ve never gotten over a thousand dollars in one day. This is really exciting, fast. Any homeowner that’s want to be successful needs to be able to do this well.  I’ve seed some spend mega hundreds of dollars on doing this and still loose badly!”

P. M. – client NJ

Donna Comer
Rockaway, NJ

Lk. Hopatcong, NJ

“I am 100% happy with my purchase of Property Tax Appeal Guidelines, it has revitalized my desire to make a property tax appeal many years of frustration knowing I was overcharged. I intend to follow up this time. Thank you so much.”

Larry Eager
Fort Lee, NJ

“Taking the risk in getting you book at the House Tax Ax site is certainly unregretable!”
“I’m skeptical about EVERYTHING, but your insight, help and easy format made digging thru my particular appeal an adventure I could get a secure handle on. The case won’t come up for a few months, but I’m certain it will fly. Thanks George.”

Steven West
Palm Beach, Fl

“Overall a very good product for the price. I like the honesty in your lessons and how they are structured. I have every confidence in the world that I can put this process into practice. I would say to a friend of mine, … yes, I know you may have been burned before and you may be weary, … but you really need to do this, this is truly for real! ”

Sharon Stafford
Dayton, OH

“Awesome program assessment guide!! Well worth the investment if interested in learning how to flip a house and buy at the right price. Getting the right market value is all the confidence I need.”

Brian Smith
Philadelphia, PA

“I think this is a great idea-subscribing over the internet. I am glad my wife Donna found the site. It exceeded my expectations because you actually put this into user friendly language where I could actually know how to apply it and not be overwhelmed with the technical data and all that stuff which seems to overwhelm people”

Dan Loffler
Charlotte, VT

“This site is great,it’s clear and good for beginners. This is the only resource you’ll need for a property tax appeal. You will not regret it. The information is extremely clear, extremely succinct, extremely methodical, and the level of detail that George goes into is amazing. Good help to figure out assessment and put together an appeal ”

Pauline Jackson
Syracuse, GA

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These results are public record and can be verified by calling 603-679-5022 Town of Nottingham Offices — ask for the results of 2006 abatement results of Gesce and Higgins.

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Even though you paid top dollar for adding a feature to your house, when you check market value data you find reason for value adjustments.
More so when you factor in depreciation tables data.

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     You may be a lot like me – completely sick of hearing about property tax increases to cover a towns spending spree.

     Some people think that hikes in municipality spending and not paying attention to cutting excess spending should be addressed. Often there seems to be no incentive for savings on budgeted items in order to cut back on expenses and promote greater efficiency.  And I suppose that stuff does happen. In fact, I actually KNOW it happens.

    Excess spending is supported by tax increases. But the good news is, that the assessment you receive often is inaccurate and has wiggle room … and there is a good chance you may qualify for a property tax appeal.

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We Show and Provide ALL the Resources and Information You’ll Need To Make Your Case.
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RISK STATEMENT: I have not heard or seen any property taxes raised because of an unsuccessful appeal, however that does not preclude the possibility.

The chance of winning your property tax appeal using our adjustments and recommendations will drastically improve your chances of winning your appeal but there is no guarantee of a win. These adjustments and tactics are the same procedures I used to win my cases when working as a real estate appraiser. Again this material will improve your odds of success drastically but is not a 100% foolproof because of human error and the system we have to work in.

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