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Product Name: Start A Painting Business – Start Making Money This Week!

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FACT: The two main reasons why most new self-employed painters quit and go out of of business is that they don’t have all the low-cost, no-cost secrets for getting more business than they can handle and they don’t know how to estimate accurately for maximum profits — And that can change Right Now!

Merry Christmas to you and SueDoug Hughes

Lee, Thanks a lot! Fantastic information!

A New Fully-Illustrated, Painting Contractor’s Guide That Shows You The Secrets Of…

Everything Needed To Run Your Very Own Painting Business Like A Pro Right Off The Bat!

How to start your own Painting Business (commercial or residential)!
Learn from someone who actually paints for a living and owns their own successful House Painting Business!
How to advertise — You could be up and running your own business within a week!
How to estimate quickly and accurately and make a profit every time
How to start making money immediately – Never work for a Boss again!
How to stay busy all year long — Even during the holidays!
Easy business to start – Extremely low start-up cost!
Start TODAY with my new easy step-by-step guide. I did it and I will show you how YOU can start getting paid as soon as this week!
Start with just a few basic low-cost tools!
I will even show you how to get all the FREE business you want anytime, anywhere!

FREE Business Like This . . .

Would you like to make hot money like this and be your own boss?

 I ordered your cd a few months back and would like to thanks you for all the advice and tips on painting you gave me. I am now swarmed with work Interior and exterior.

Are you tired of losing money on your projects or worrying about if you did the estimate right?

Knowing how to bid paint jobs like a professional is the ultimate knowledge you need for your painting business to fly.

In fact, NOT knowing how to bid paint jobs correctly is the #1 reason why new painting business owners don’t walk around with a big smile on their face and their head held high.

I am one of your subscribers to your e-book. Great info and my new painting business is doing well thanks to you.

It’s all in my new easy to read, fully-illustrated painter’s manual called:

  How To Paint Like A Pro TM

(Over 180 Must-Have Professional House Painting Business Tips, Tricks and Trade Secrets PLUS a Whole Lot MORE!)

Free Camera-Ready Advertising Materials and Paperwork: Everything needed you run your painting business successfully. Ready-to-go advertising material, estimating sheet, contract form, etc. You can insert your company name and address and instantly run copies off right from your computer’s printer.

True On-The-Job Experience: Loaded with actual on-the-job color photos, expert advice on the different types of high-speed painting applications, accurate biding, free advertising, paid advertising, simple free paperwork needed, alternate painting markets, etc.

Stay Booked Up: Use my advertising system to stay busy and have jobs lined up for as much as 6 months in advance!

Make Maximum Profits: Use my estimating system to accurately bid any jobs – even if hiring employees or sub-contractors!

I rarely could ever afford to eat out at a nice restaurant. My money was always tied up due to a small predictable weekly paycheck that never changed unless I called in sick.

Now days, my painting business is still going strong after 24 years! I don’t need to paint much anymore but if I do I can find the best paying jobs out there (as I will reveal to you in my manual).

Over the years as a painting contractor, I have had a pretty easy life, getting up at 7 a.m. instead of 5:30 a.m., working about 6 1/2 hours a day, never working weekends and taking time off anytime I want, usually between jobs.

I learned how to paint on my own through trial and error. Even wallpapering and repairing basic drywall problems. I’ve made better money being self-employed than I have ever made working a job. I thought to myself . . . why didn’t I do this a long time ago? No boss could have ever ordered me around. I could have told him I quit and walked off the job or just not have come in!

Lee’s Painting Service

This Manual Has Everything I Really Needed And Could Have Used For Years In My Own Painting Business. Now It’s Yours Right From The Start!

You will have everything at your disposal:

Here are 3 good reasons to be self-employed today:

1.) You can no longer depend on a company or an employer anymore — it’s been that way for a long time now. It seems you can’t even apply for a minimum wage job anymore without a high-school diploma and a drug test.

2.) Cameras watch employees like criminals now. Hours are getting longer and longer. Paychecks and benefits are shrinking. Companies use people like disposable diapers to get what they want.

3.) Many companies keep your hours “part-time” so they don’t have to give you benefits. And if they do give you a full-time job, they put you on “salary” so they can work you to death. Who can put up with that very long?

I have done a lot of painting through the years. I’m 57 years old, and had a cabinet shop for four years, so sprayed several barrels of catalytic varnishes, etc., plus built a large house and shop, and did a lot of simple, handyman painting of my own through the years. But now that I am hoping to go pretty much full-time into painting each winter when our storage shed business is closed– mid-Nov. through mid-March– I am DELIGHTED to get so much PRACTICAL information.

I could tell as soon as I got into it, that you have a practical, can-do attitude, and a gift for being able to teach clear and simply. And I really got excited when I came to Bonus #5: 189+ Tips, etc., where you give so much valuable information with photographs, and the other Bonus Photo sections.

Wow, these books are great! I can’t stop reading them. This is EXACTLY the type of reference material we are needing to get our business up and running. I will write back a full review when I’m done reading them.

I can already tell though that this is going to be the single smartest investment we could have made in getting our business up and running. Very nicely written and illustrated, just like your web site promised. Well worth the price of admission!

Here is a new fully-illustrated Manual on CD-ROM that will show how to estimate, market and run your very own painting business like a pro.

It will show you how to make an easy living in your own Commercial and Residential Painting Business… Guaranteed!

You will have everything at your disposal:

This Fully-Illustrated Painting Manual will show you:

* The simple paperwork I use (don’t let anyone try to tell you about so-called “expensive paperwork or forms” they paid big money for)

* The knowledge to easily tackle any job that many painters screw up

* How to bid every job super-quick and extremely accurate every time

* How to stay busy during the slow holiday seasons

* Where to go to get the highest paying painting jobs possible

* Lots of actual on-the-job color photo illustrations

* How to paint woodwork, doors and trim and make them glisten like a million dollars!

* How to “prep” woodwork and trim first so they won’t chip or peel.

* How to know which paint is the right product for each job.

* How and why to choose light or dark colors for rooms (in case you paint your own house or are asked for advice).

* What type of “sheen level” is recommended for walls, ceilings, woodwork, hallways, bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, exterior, etc…

* What today’s absolute best paint on the market is (you’ll be impressed).

* How to run circles around your competition (there really isn’t any).

* The correct way to begin painting any room. How to prep it out first.

* Which paints are best for bathrooms and kitchens.

* Which roller covers, brushes and tools professional painters use.

* How to easily remove wallpaper without hardly any tools and not butcher the walls.

* How to get all the FREE painting business you can handle anytime, anywhere.

* How to easily and accurately bid all your painting jobs, how long it should take to paint rooms, doors, windows, etc.

* How to paint exterior, how to bid outside work, what paint to use on siding, decks, etc.,

* Proven Advertising Samples (all you have to do is fill in the blanks)

* How to get the highest-paying jobs that 98% of painters don’t know how to go after!

* Over 15 years of on-the-job moneymaking experience

One of the perks of you owning your own painting business is that you will run into drywall repair damage from time to time – especially in newer homes! And drywall/plaster repairs offer you extra large chunks of cash!

* The secrets of complete and total drywall (and even plaster) repair!

* How to repair loose tape seams, cracks, holes and even larger holes in walls and ceilings and make them look as if they were never there!

* How to duplicate common wall and ceiling textures!

* How to get all the work you want for free or practically free!

* Discover my secrets for how much to charge to hang drywall and for saving time and labor!

* Add extra value to any home immediately at hardly any cost texturing ceilings and walls (hardly anyone knows these simple techniques)!

I promise you, you will not find these highly-detailed, correct methods anywhere! All of the books and even advertisements for gimmicks on the subject of “How To Repair Drywall” have been wrong or incomplete so far!

* To be a good painter you must know how to effectively repair drywall. I can show you how to greatly simplify doing these repairs and make BIG MONEY doing them. Save yourself from years of trial and error with this easy-to-follow, fully-illustrated color manual!

* You can even lead with drywall repair and add painting as a sideline to your business!

Order today and get BOTH Manuals on CD-ROM. Both are Fully-Illustrated with Tons of On The Job Color Photos!

You now have TWO choices:

Plan A.) Take the long and winding road around the lake of painting profits …

Plan B.) TAKE THE FAST ROUTE NOW by speedboat and cut across the water quickly to where the big money awaits you NOW — It’s that simple!


Hurry — this special “Buy One Manual – Get One Free” price will END SOON Order NOW!!

ORDER NOW and I’ll even include a free life-time of e-mail consultation to help you grow your business!

Anytime you need help, just Email me and even schedule a time when I can be available by phone to answer any questions you have and to be of help with any problems that may come up.

You will receive my time-tested, highly-responsive, job generating, instant cash producing sales piece that can put you in business within 24 hours.

This sales piece has gotten me THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of DOLLARS in painting business, repeat painting business and painting business referrals as well over the years.  It’s yours to copy and use in your own painting business when you order your copy of the “Paint Like a Pro Estimating and Advertising System”.  Use it for commercial and residential painting.   All you have to do is add your own painting business contact info.

Many new painters make the mistake of thinking they can get into apartment painting or painting for real estate agents to make money. The truth is, that neither one of these sources pays well. As a matter of fact, both hire cheap stumble bums for next to nothing.

You will be doing basically the same type of painting work but for way better money and from those that pay maximum professional prices – and they have plenty of work for you all year long!

Try the Paint Like a Pro Estimating and Advertising System for a full 60 days and see for yourself the profits it can bring you. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, just contact me for a full, no-hassle refund.

Thanks! I truly believe I am a pro but I didn’t know how to estimate paint labor until I bought your e-book. It makes paint estimating easy.

Your paint like a pro info is the best one I seen so for. I did buy 3 other painting business info kits.


I want to learn your system for making hundreds of dollars per week working just 35 hours or less! And also HOW TO GET ALL THE PAINTING BUSINESS I CAN HANDLE — absolutely FREE!

Since I am ordering right away, I understand I will also receive the second fully-illustrated manual: “How To Repair Drywall Like a Pro” for FREE along with my order of “How To Paint Like A Pro” (Estimating & Advertising System) and the other bonuses including unlimited FREE consultation by phone/Email by instant download.


P.S. If I had this product from day one, I would have made good money right out of the box.

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Click here to get Start A Painting Business – Start Making Money This Week! at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Start A Painting Business – Start Making Money This Week! is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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