The Activated Dreamer: Dream Interpretation Masterclass

Product Name: The Activated Dreamer: Dream Interpretation Masterclass

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Your dreams are speaking to you…In this masterclass you will strengthen your intuition, experience increased synchronicities, and of course Learn the Art of Dream Interpretation to receive your personalized messages from the Universe, to overcome blocks and manifest your biggest waking dreams… 

“Eric’s profound knowledge of dreams and his hands on approach on dream interpretation offered in “The Activated Dreamer” masterclass helped me to make peace with my vivid and often disturbing dreams. Being a dedicated dreamer himself, Eric teaches how to navigate dream time experiences and how to decode their unique symbolism, so you will become more and more fluent in understanding your dreams’ messages. I use Eric’s method often, not only for myself, but also with my kid, who suffered a lot from repetitive anxiety dreams and has now opened up to freely sharing his dreams with me.”

“Eric is truly gifted! His four week course gave me so many deeper insights into my own unconscious and how I already have answers to all that I am seeking. Soul Dreamers is a POWERFUL course and I am so grateful to have been a part of it. “

“I couldn’t recommend Eric highly enough!! His wisdom and the teachings have brought me so much further in touch with my intuitive self it’s incredible!! I’m a lot quicker to notice signs, and so much more in tune with my emotions!! It’s incredible to be tuning into the messages within my dreams and see the direct links either quite soon or months down the track. I feel his work is invaluable if you want to form a deeper connection to the intuitive power within you. I found his work so valuable that I now use it with my own clients and their breakthroughs have been just as amazing! Highly recommend!!”

“Dreams that are not interpreted are like letters which have not been opened. Dreams are important communications to ourselves.” – E. Fromm (1951)

Learn simple life hacks to remembering up to 3-6+ dreams in one night. The first step is remembering, then you can interpret.

Empower yourself with techniques to interpret your dreams. No dream book knows you better than you know yourself.

Level up in all areas of your life with the wisdom gained from your dreams, abundance, love, creativity, purpose…

You’re literally receiving information worth more than the weight of gold every night but they’re being missed. Now it’s time to actively tap into this inner gold-mind to…

Your dreams are speaking to you, are you listening? Dreams are an untapped resource full of all the answers we seek for all of life’s questions and longings. Dreams point out to us what is “standing in our way”, and how to move past these “blocks”.

Shamans and ancient cultures knew the power of dreams, and utilized them as tools for spiritual awakening and as guides for their personal lives and the lives of their communities. Our dreams are patiently waiting for us to listen and understand them. Learn to use the power of your subconscious mind and soul to guide your waking-life in a clear, empowered and enlightened way.

I share my personal morning and evening rituals (aka routines). I encourage you to pick a couple of these rituals that you resonate with and commit to them for 21 days and see what magic unfolds!

I know we dream but “what” are they? We’ll explore this topic of where dreams “come from”, and “what they are”.

I don’t think I have to connivence you of this… since you are here reading this you already know or have a feeling there is something very important and noteworthy about your dreams. 

I’m a dork for ancient history, so I take you there for a bit to explore ancient cultures beliefs and use of dreams and the dream-world.

There are a few brain states to take note of that once aware of them you can more easily consciously evoke these states based on your desired outcome. 

For inspiration I’ll share some fun stories of inventions, scientific and medical breakthroughs that have shaped our world, as well as some artistic entertainment from pop culture that have originated from dreams.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for a particular artistic or business project, or just looking to find the spark of inspiration in general, your dreams are full of inspiration, guidance and ideas. Use your dreams as a creative muse.

Some tips and recommendations to help you either start remembering your dreams more often, and or remembering more of them.

Lean to differentiate the myriad of dream-time experiences, places and encounters. 

Why a section on dream journaling when all you gotta do is write? Well there are some little tips I’ve learned over the years which I’ll gladly bestow to you. 

Dream interpretation is personal to each individual at different times in your life, which is why I encourage you to not use a dream interpretation book and to learn the art and medicine of dream interpretation for yourself. I walk you though this process.

A dream journal is great… learning to interpret your dreams for yourself is awesome… and taking that wisdom gained from your dreams and walking it in your waking-life… now you’re a boss… I share my hacks to actively use your dreams to accelerate your spiritual growth, and manifest all that you want to be and attract in life.

Learn to consciously evoke specific dreams, and even revisit dreams to find answers, healing and to assist you in your awakening.

In this module we follow Alice deeper down the rabbit hole, and explore how you can apply what you learned about dreams to your waking-life aka “the waking-dream”.

A key piece in working with your dreams is also knowing the missing piece of “the law of attraction” to help manifest your biggest waking dreams. I share practical tools that you can apply to overcome any last blocks you may have around manifestation.

You’ll have 1yr access to the private community portal to connect with like minded individuals along with myself to share and get feedback on your dreams as you master this art and strengthen your intuition. As well as optional monthly Live Q&A calls with myself the course creator.

Learning the art of dream interpretation along with the other wisdom drops and evocations throughout this course help you to sharpen your intuition to another level.

After this course you’ll have confidence in your ability to translate your dreams as well as more confidence in your waking life as you’re receiving your personalized manual to life each night.

“I practice yoga daily and am now seeing my dreams as an extension of my yoga practice. I’ve learned how to interpret the communication of my soul’s symbolic messages which are there supporting my growth. Opening the world of dreams has opened my eyes and intuition to a deeper understanding of life as a whole. Eric’s delivery is fun, clear and digestible. Gratitude for Soul Dreamers.”

“I really enjoyed this course. Not only did it introduce some new concepts, it touched upon some topics I have heard of and am happy to have learned more about. This is a great starting tool to embark on your journey of understanding your sleeping dreams and waking dreams.”

“As I’ve started to develop mindfulness and meditation practices, Eric’s input has been helpful and thought provoking. He has a way of helping you think deeply about how the imagery in your dreams connect to what’s happening in your life, and inspiring you along your path to self-discovery and self-understanding.”

The ancient Egyptian word for “dreams” is “raswet”, which means “to be awake”. Etyptians saw that in our dream-time our eyes are OPEN, and that we can see beyond the veil, and explore the worlds we had access to before we were born. Open up the dream realm in a deeper way… Join me on this journey…

“I didn’t realize how important dreams were prior to working with Eric. I now get the depth of the importance of my dreams as a tool that I have access to every night. I learned to see how my dreams relate to the conscious and unconscious mind which has opened a portal for healing and transformation. Dreams are magic and I’m excited I get to play and learn in them each night!”

“I gained confidence in understanding my dreams and how to find the hidden gems. I’m grateful for my new skills and Eric’s life hack of applying dream lessons into my waking life.”

with the ability to decode and understand the messages of your dreams, the messages from your soul. After-all you spend 1/3rd of your life sleeping and have nearly 2,000 dreams every year…

Join today and begin your journey as a conscious dreamer. You’ll have lifetime access to the full Soul Dreamers dream interpretation masterclass and Lucid Dreaming mini course. 

What you’ll learn in this course goes beyond interpreting your sleeping dreams. It is also an activation, inviting and evoking a deeper more profound dream experience into your life, and strengthening your connection to the YOUniverse. You develop the Jedi skills you need to receive answers to life’s questions as well as a step by step method to actually apply and live the wisdom you gain from your sleeping dreams to help you manifest your waking dreams.

Although this is a self paced course, you are not alone and will have support via our Level Up Community Portal app. This is a private group where you have access to myself and other soul dreamers to ask any questions that may come up as you go through the course, as well as support as you hone-in on your ability to intuitively interpret your dreams.  As well as optional monthly live Q&A calls.

Get Woke In Your Dream-Time is a culmination of Eric’s lifelong dream studies and exploration, combined with 29 years in yoga, energy medicine, shamanism, meditation and mindfulness.

From an early age, Eric felt an unexplainable connection to dreams and the cosmos. When he was just 14 years old, Eric stumbled upon his first dream book seeking answers to this mysterious world of dreams. Some dreams were freakier than Stranger Things, more blissful than ice-cream and some wackier than the characters from Alice and Wonderland.

Through many years of dream-studies, combined with intuitive guidance, Eric has developed the skills to decipher the symbolic language of dreams. These studies were originally for his own understanding as an early teen, however has now grown into supporting others around the world with their dreams. This has led to insights, realizations, healing, and expanded awareness for those that have worked with Eric, and we invite you on this beautiful, powerful journey.

Eric has pulled his life long studies and exploration of dreams into the Soul Dreamers: “Get Woke Through Your Dream-Time” Masterclass, which is a fun interactive explorative journey and life hacking program to help you to start making sense of your dreams, along with easy steps to start utilizing the messages from your dreams as “breadcrumbs” toward manifesting your biggest waking dreams and becoming the fullest unstoppable badass version of yourself.

And this is why I’ve made myself available for you for 1yr, via the Level Up Community Portal. Join me and other Soul Dreamers on this awakening journey…

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Click here to get The Activated Dreamer: Dream Interpretation Masterclass at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

The Activated Dreamer: Dream Interpretation Masterclass is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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