The Baby Shower Kit – How To Plan The Perfect Baby Shower

Product Name: The Baby Shower Kit – How To Plan The Perfect Baby Shower

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you no longer have to panic when you have taken on the important task of
hosting a loved one’s baby shower.


Future Baby Shower Hostess,

baby shower is a milestone event in the lives of expectant parents, their friends,
and family. A newborn baby symbolizes the continual cycle of life to all of us,
and a baby shower is a special opportunity to express and share the joy and hope
that a new life manifests.

baby showers are often hosted in the third trimester of a woman’s pregnancy, it
is without doubt one of the most joyful and fun events of those exhausting last
few months. Parents are deluged with doctor appointments and learning about labor
and delivery – even putting the final touches on their baby’s nursery. Once their
baby arrives, a couple will not have much time or energy to enjoy a night out
or a good party.

baby shower is an opportunity to pamper an exhausted mother-to-be. If planned
well, it will distract her from third trimester discomforts and even possibly
allay some of her pre-labor jitters.

the parents’ closest friends and relatives will attend this party – and all their
eyes will be on you: the hostess! You want your baby shower to be a shining, dazzling
affair. Most of all, a baby shower should be more than a party – it should
be a precious, memorable event.

baby shower is one party you want to be sure is a sensational success!

why it’s so very important that you know how to throw a baby shower with style
and flair!

secret of this book is to teach you how you too can have the time of your life
preparing this baby shower for someone you truly care about.

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a baby shower can bring out the kid in you again – if you let it. You will find
yourself getting together with old friends to compare teddy bear collections and
ohh and ahh over the littlest pairs of baby socks you’ve ever seen.

the spirit of your baby shower spreads, so will the closeness of your contributing
guests. You will find your baby shower planning becomes an experience overflowing
with laughter and loving feelings.

Baby Shower Kit™ helps you plan an unforgettable celebration. This book
will help you turn an ordinary, traditional event into a unique, personal experience
that the guest of honor and her family will never forget!

will be led through the teeth-grinding first steps of planning your budget, learn
how to come up with funds, and find helpful co-hosts – while holding onto your
serenity and even having fun! With your budget in hand, you will find in the pages
of The Baby Shower Kit™ both traditional and unique suggestions for
places to host your party.

learned how to host a baby shower the hard way – through personal experience.
Yes, some of my efforts where successful, but I also experienced some funny and
some not-so-funny mistakes of judgement.

continued to learn about hosting baby showers from being a guest at other people’s
baby parties. Some of these baby showers were less than suitable for the mother-to-be.
They weren’t quite her style or to her taste. They didn’t serve the type of food
she loved. Sometimes even the decorations made the guest of honor feel as if she
had walked into the wrong party!

I decided to write this book and offer you the benefit of my own experience.

Baby Shower Kit™ will actually help you become closer to your guest of honor
because the more you know about her style, taste, and dreams, the more spectacular
and memorable your baby shower will be.

example, venue is essential. Your own house is an extremely important
part of your comfort and happiness. In a similar, though much smaller degree,
the venue you choose for your loved-one’s baby shower will literally set the atmosphere
of the party.

better you get to know your guest of honor, the more successful you will be in
choosing the right venue and theme for her baby party.

is another essential element of a successful baby shower. You will find in this
book a theme to match just about any personality and style. Is the guest of honor
adventurous, elegant, dreamy, or a country girl? Does she love music from the
’70s, or trips to ’50s style diners? Maybe she’s a mermaid in disguise and jumps
at any opportunity to dive into a pool or the ocean. Or a cowgirl, always ready
to saddle up and head up the mountain trails.

The Baby Shower Kit™ has page after page of themes that are all flexible
and can be tailored to fit your guest of honor like a glove. From elegant tea
parties to sit down dinner parties, western barbecues to surfer cool pool parties,
you will find your guest of honor’s personal style in these pages. Using these
templates, you will be able to create a unique and deeply personal event that
will be an unforgettable experience.

Baby Shower Kit™will reveal tips, advice, and specific instructions that
will guarantee the success of your baby shower.

will find specific advice about designing and ordering invititations, when to
send them out, and when to request the RSVP cards be returned. As a host and a
guest, you want to give the expectant parents gifts they will both love and use,
so I have asked dozens of families for their gift suggestions.

Baby Shower Kit™ includes suggestions for:

Essential clothing · Nursery items · Meal time items
· Bath time · Safety items · Play time ·
Travel Time

most treasured gifts are “keepsake items,” and “unusual handmade
gifts.” You will find a list of these heirloom gifts, such as music boxes
and silver baby banks, and handmade gifts such as baby quilts and hand-knit sweaters.

it comes to those “big” surprise gifts, such as a crib or a stroller,
you will also find artistic wrappings and humorous ways to hide these surprise
gifts, and numerous suggestions for how to present them with flair and drama to
your guests of honor at exactly the right moment in your baby shower.

guide will lead you step-by-step from the initial planning of your baby
shower to the final drama of opening the gifts.

gift could be more valuable than giving expectant parents a special day
of fun and relaxation and the opportunity to share in their joy and excitement
with friends and family?

book is a treasure chest of secrets that will turn your baby shower into an event
that your guests will be talking about in years to come!

Baby Shower Kit™ includes detailed step-by-step information on:

Budgeting Your Baby Shower · Choosing a Venue For Your Baby Shower
· Choosing Your Baby Shower Theme · Creating Invitations For
Your Baby Shower · Preparing a Registry For Your Baby Shower ·
Preparing and Serving Food · Managing Your Baby Shower ·
Games For Your Baby Shower · Party Favors For Your Baby Shower
· Opening Gifts At Your Baby Shower

you look at the party as a whole, it may often seem overwhelming. This book breaks
down the many different things you have to do as host and leads you through
each step. Suddenly, you will find it easy to formulate your budget, and ordering
or decorating the shower cake will be a snap of your fingers.

chapter has easy to follow suggestions and instructions for making your baby shower
a thrilling success.

Budgeting Your Baby Shower – Most people usually find they have more time
than money. That’s when you must determine how to most efficiently spend your
time to get the most out of your money.

* Choosing a Venue For Your Baby Shower- Let your shower theme help you
choose the perfect venue.

* Choosing Your Baby Shower Theme – The themes in this book are templates
for you to use and adjust to fit your particular circumstance and the expectant
mother’s style.

* Creating Invitations For Your Baby Shower – Shower invitations can vary
from elegant and formal to wacky and homemade.

* Preparing a Registry For Your Baby Shower – As soon as your invitations
are received, you will begin getting calls from guests who will be attending asking
about gifts.

* Preparing and Serving Food – Designing a shower menu will depend on a
number of factors: your theme, the time of day the shower is being held, and how
much time and money you have to invest.

* Managing Your Baby Shower – This chapter will give you suggestions for
holding all the details together, managing your guests, and coordinating the people
who will be helping you set up your party.

* Games For Your Baby Shower – Games make a baby shower more fun and exciting.
They also give guests a chance to get to know each other.

* Party Favors For Your Baby Shower – Party favors are a perfect way to thank
your guests for coming to the party and for contributing.

* Opening Gifts At Your Baby Shower – The expectant mother will be thrilled
and surprised to receive both large and small baby shower gifts.

the suggestions and instructions in this book for smooth party planning
every step of the way. This guide puts all the information you need right in your
hand to enable you to host a remarkable event.

will find a chapter of recipes designed to be easy to make and to coordinate with
a baby shower theme. You will also find suggestions for using outside sources,
such as your local deli, gourmet shops, and friend’s contributions to create a
spread fit for a Queen.

it comes to Baby Shower Games, there are simple games to get your guests talking
to each other. Then there are more energetic and silly games for those of your
guests who are less than shy. You’ll even find baby shower games for the shyest
of your guests that will have her giggling behind her hand in record time. Remember:
This is a baby shower, and babies like to play. A baby shower can also be a chance
for adults to step outside of their lives and get to play again – like babies!

Baby Shower Kit™ Features:

Over 40 Baby Shower Themes! · Over 15 Theme-specific
Invitations! · Over 10 pages of gift suggestions! ·
Over 30 pages of recipes · Over 50 Baby Shower Games
· Over 35 Party Favors

wait until the last minute to order The Baby Shower Kit™. This book
will guide you in making every decision, including developing a concept, coming
up with funds, and choosing the perfect theme for your particular party. You’ll
find recipes to fit every theme and style of baby shower, and expert advice on
everything you should – and shouldn’t – prepare in advance.

The Baby Shower Kit™ as your personal advisor when looking for and
booking a party space. Don’t make the mistake of shopping around and negotiating
fees unprepared! This book is your personal consultant for all aspects of finding
the perfect party space, from exactly what to examine in the space itself, to
what you should get in writing. And we have the inside secrets about what you
can negotiate about in terms of price and food – even if a venue has a policy
of no negotiations!

The Baby Shower Kit™ is your own personal co-host. You’ll find solid
ideas about where to find those extra few dollars, how to delegate responsibilities,
and how to mediate between grouchy co-hosts! You’ll also find a large assortment
of games that will break the ice at a shower party where guests don’t know each
other. Our games, both traditional and unique, are so much fun to play that your
guests will have a great time playing them and many of them may become best of
friends – all thanks to you and your “co-host” The Baby Shower Kit™.

make a mistake and plan a baby shower without reading this book first!

The Baby Shower Kit™ has all the information, recipes, games, and
baby shower traditions – complete in one volume! The instructions and recipes
are easy to follow and fun to make!

guiding you through your budget to teaching you seamless party management, The
Baby Shower Kit™ is an invaluable resource.

if you’re just thinking of hosting a baby shower, order
this book! Don’t wait until it’s too late to benefit from the insider
secrets and last minute “party-saving” tricks!

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satisfaction is assured through our no risk, you-can’t-lose, 100%, no-questions-asked,
iron-clad money back guarantee.

for any reason, you aren’t thrilled and satisfied with The
Baby Shower Kit™,
just contact us within 56 days and we’ll refund 100% of your purchase price.

I’m saying is, don’t decide now if this product is for you. Just get it and try
it out. If it doesn’t do everything I say and more, if you don’t save money, time
and frustration planning your baby shower, if it doesn’t work for you, you have
nothing to worry about because you can get every dime of your money back under
our no-loopholes guarantee. So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

guarantee that your baby shower will be a success if you follow the advice in
this book!!


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