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In A World Of Uncertainty, Soaring Prices, And Steadily Increasing
You’re About To Discover The Unparalleled Breakthrough
To Getting More Of Exactly What You Want And Need!

People Worldwide Are Now Using This Book To
Make Their Dreams, Their Clear-Cut FACT Of Life!
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The World’s Most Highly Publicized Hypnotherapist (And Renowned Mega-Success Coach)
Now Puts In Your Hands The Extraordinary, Proven – Landmark Method To Making
What You Want – A Life Empowering, Concrete FACT!

“The Formula”© Will Now Directly Help You Acquire, Produce,  And Come To HAVE The Things
You’ve Been Dreaming Of – Faster And Easier Than You Ever Thought Possible!

(And When You Now See How Many High-Profile People Endorse This
Program – You’ll
Then Know This Is For Real, And Really…For YOU!)

            How much of what you say you want do you actually wind up getting or experiencing?  Just think about the range of things you’ve said you wanted in your life (and I mean the things you really wanted which you felt you could have, were possible for you to obtain, and indeed, justifiably believed you should have!). For example: The income you want, the physical shape and fitness level you want, the money in the bank you want, the house/car/investment property you want, the job you want, the relationship you want…and on and on; you know what I mean.

            Yes — how many of these type things have you actually obtained or experienced in your life?
Most of them?  Half of them?  Some of them?  Or, as I’ve found through 28 years of clinical experience, a relatively small (very small) percentage in relation to the range of things “hoped for – wished for – and desired” throughout your life?!

A New Understanding Now, Will Lead To Entirely Different Results…For You!

            Well, just stop and think for a moment here; why aren’t you getting the frequently thought about, life enriching things you say you want?  Are you:

            Listen closely — if you answered yes to any of the preceding,that, right there, would be how you cut off the positive creation unfoldment flow within you.  But, more than likely, you answered no – a decisive no – to each of the preceding.

            And if you did answer no, why then aren’t you experiencing the good, the positive, the desired, and what you say you truly want in your life?  Yes — Why?!
And the answer that I find so many times with clients – over and over again – is simple, indeed, the same.  It’s because of the following:

            Hmmm…interesting, huh!  And just take a moment to re-read #’s 1- 4 once more now.  And re-read them so you get a sense of just how effective and accomplished you could, and invariably would become – regarding actualizing the things you really want – if #’s 1- 4 were positively, and firmly set
… within You!

            Because, let me tell you right now, the positive counterparts of #’s 1- 4 are the very cornerstone to producing, acquiring, and manifesting any kind of increase or addition into your life!

            The big question is how can you establish #’s 1- 4 as your subconscious framework, so the Power Of Manifestation begins working full time — for You!

“It’s always a pleasure to work with peak performance expert Pete Siegel-His latest book, “The Formula”©, is as empowering and insightful as Pete himself!

This book plants the seeds of inspiration, and then provides practical, easy-to-apply instructions to help you manifest your dreams quickly, powerfully, and successfully!

No matter what your current mind-state or life situation, the wisdom found in “The Formula”© will help you advance yourself to the next level of health, happiness, and success! Thank you Pete for sharing your latest jewel!”

Gina M. Salvati
Producer: The Aware Show/KPFK Pacifica Radio 90.7 FM (Los Angeles)
Screener: Coast-To-Coast AM Radio Show/ Premiere Radio Networks

“Pete Siegel is all about results; he’s a leader in the field of the mind and peak performance. We had him do a keynote speech at our ’05 ABH hypnosis convention, and his “Maximum You” presentation richly impressed the over 400 in attendance.

Pete has a clear capacity to help you make yourself – and your life – markedly better. Literally, that’s what his mini-book “The Formula”© provides you – a detailed framework enabling you to use your mind power to foster decided personal advance.

With this mini-book you can go on to purposefully impact your life situation, and produce exciting personal increase!”

Drs. Tad and Adriana James
World Acclaimed Master NLP Teachers

You Have A Capable, Effective Mind.  You Have Potential.  And Therefore,You
Have The Capacity To Produce – And Manifest – The Object Of Your Desire!

            To get what you want in life, you must first structure a subconscious power activating/ creation unfoldment plan.  Hoping, wishing and daydreaming is not a plan. You need a precise formula for subconsciously directing the whole of you (your mind, body, and spirit) toward manifesting those things you genuinely, truly desire.  Yes — a step-by-step, what to do/how to do it formula which fully aligns your vast mental and creative power within the realm that naturally stimulates new, empowering life manifestation (i.e., you acquiring and experiencing the things you say you want).

            You’re getting and experiencing what you are now in your life because of the ideas and beliefs your mental and creative power currently animates.

            And now, through “The Formula”©, I guarantee you’ll engage a personal desire unfoldment system so precise – and so powerful – that you’ll start producing things in your life (you really want) that you’ve essentially only been casually “wishing for”, and/or have only paid mental “lip service” to so far.

            Through “The Formula”©, you’ll easily, directly, and thoroughly apply the Power that gets things done – the Power that instigates, fuels and sustains new creation — the Power that literally converts desire into experiential fact…in a way you never have before.  Yes, in a way that makes life say Yes – to you — and physically brings forth the object of your desire!  (And just let yourself get a sense of how incredible you, and your whole life will be because of this!)

“Pete Siegel is a force to be reckoned with! He’s been a client, and is a well sought after premier elite member of And because of his great experience, and attention to detail, he continues to showcase his ability to be a standout radio and TV show guest.

His newest work, “The Formula”©, places using The Power Of Manifestation into a crystal clear, accessible, result producing framework. If you’re looking for ‘hairy fairy’ advice, this isn’t it, as Pete Siegel’s program is all about applied action and focused life results!”

Jacquie Jordan
TV producer

“Pete Siegel’s new mini-book is a force of inspiration that all of us, however successful, really need from time to time! If you are not where you want or need to be – emotionally or financially – then this easy to read formula for creating personal increase will show you how to rid yourself of your inner saboteur…and connect with the Power that gets things done.

“The Formula”© is truly empowering and life enhancing. After it reading it the clouds lift and the way forward is clear. “The Formula”© teaches you how you can truly attain your goals!”

Avril O’Connor
Editor In Chief: Elixir Magazine

“The Formula”© Is Based Upon Irrefutable Biblical Truth And Universal Law.
It Gives
The Specific Framework Enabling You To Fully Engage
(So You Start Getting What You WANT!)

            As my professional studies, therapeutic work, and life awareness kept evolving, each step of “The Formula”© would gel in my mind precisely and profoundly.  And I mean exactly what to do, exactly how to do it – the exact components and sequence that needed to be engaged (for measurable life increase results).  It’s tested.  It’s proven.  And I’ll tell you unequivocally — it will work powerfully and decisively…for you!

            Hey – I’ve personally used “The Formula”© for years now to manifest things I truly wanted in my life, including:

            Clients I’ve taught “The Formula”© to have become mega-millionaires, world champions — accomplished, prominent, successful powerhouses in business, entertainment, the professions…and vibrant standouts in life!

            They’ve gotten deals no one thought they would.  Won cases where the odds were “stacked” against them.  Won people over the world labeled as “cold hearted ice-bergs”.  Generated performance impact levels that left others wide-eyed, with their mouths hanging open in disbelief! Obtained investment capital and financing for projects even though traditional banks flatly said “no”.  And reached income levels, accomplishment levels, influence levels, and personal increase levels they never considered were possible!

            And these same kinds of personal gain, personal improvement, life advancement, and life impact experiences are what clearly await you as well through using “The Formula”©!  (Literally!)

“I just finished reading “The Formula”©, and what impressed me most is that every sentence, every phrase, has power in it. This mini-book is concise and so easy to grasp. The reader doesn’t have to wrestle with a lot of prose, or try to figure out what the meat of the sentence is. It’s laid it out in a very clear, power-packed way. Anybody can pick up this book and put it to use immediately!”

“Fasten your seat belt! Pete Siegel is a major “CrustBuster” and will take you on the Abundance ride of your life! This book will catapult you out of surviving, to a life of Thriving! Get ready to Have It, Own It, Be It and Live It and step into the soul rocking formula that will change you forever. Get ready to shed years of “crusty conditioning” and answer the question, “How much good can I stand?”

Dr. Pat Baccili
International Award Winning Talk Show Host
The Dr. Pat Show – Talk Radio to Thrive By!

The Incredible Power Of “The Formula”© Lies Within Its Detail, Substance,
Instruction, And Its Tested – Proven – Component Procession —
It’s Specifically Geared To Help You Convert Your Desire Into Solid Physical Fact!

            Listen – are you ready to start getting what you say you want in life?  Are you ready to start deliberately using the Power that so far – through your limited application – has manifested mediocrity, and an un-fulfilled yearning for more (perhaps a lot more) in your life?

            Now, through “The Formula”©, you’ll move yourself into truly amazing (yes, amazing) realms of personal accomplishment, measurable life increase, and thorough life satisfaction.  Yes — more vast and enriching than you ever knew you could experience!  (I’m being real here my dear friend; this is exactly what has happened to scores of people I’ve taught “The Formula”© to for years now!)

There are times when you read or hear a phrase, and the truth of it resonates within your body and mind.  In The Formula, it isn’t just a phrase that resonates within you; it is this entire amazing book!  I encourage everyone to “Explore, And Build Upon The Now Of Your Life”… and read The Formula!

Linda Simmon, C.Ht.
Host: The New Beginnings Show – Contact Talk Radio

“Pete Siegel’s book, “The Formula”©, is an effective and practical method of discerning what reality you are creating with your thoughts, and why. This compelling mini-book merges Universal Laws and Biblical principles to create a powerful formula for success. “The Formula”© will truly change your life!”

Carol Pereyra
Editor in Chief : Going Bonkers Magazine

How Using “The Formula”© Will Change Your Life

            You will start using your mind to directly put the Power Of Manifestation to work for you.  Your attitudes and outlooks will become exclusively positive and success assumptive.  You’ll feel maximum strength confidence, self-belief, and the solid, empowering knowing that – naturally – you are purposefully directing the Power that converts desire into fact!

            You’ll feel an energizing eagerness and enthusiasm to be pro-active — yes, to do the things which will “pop into your mind” (through using “The Formula”©), which are directly linked to unfolding your want into tangible – real life experience.

            You’ll make the future your friend, faith your powerful, life enhancing ally.  And you’ll stop worrying, anguishing, and “trying” — in its place you’ll be setting in motion irrefutable laws of life and the natural process through which true desire becomes solidly forged externally!

            In short – you’ll come to embody invincible inner power, focused mental strength, positive expectancy, and thorough decisiveness — and you’ll be directly applying the steps that shatter
un-fulfillment and frustration — the steps that, by design, unfold what you truly want into your life, measurably and decidedly!

            You’ve heard the euphemism “You can have, do, be, and become anything you really put your mind to”?  Through “The Formula”©, you’ll learn exactly how to put your mind toward making your ambition, your goal – your dream – the striking fact of your life! (And just let yourself get a sense of how that will look and feel to you!)

“I love the 7 Step Manifestation Meditation Pete Siegel outlines in The Formula. This covers knowing exactly what you want, releasing, forgiving, believing and then acceptance of one’s Affirmation as affirmed. I love what he says about the power of manifestation and prayer, and how they can affect our lives in such a positive manner. He stresses the importance of faith and absolute belief in the Manifestation Process, and outlines how to make it work for you.

Congratulations Peter . . . this is a true Manifestation Meditation Masterpiece!

Dr. Anne Marie Evers
Author of Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness

Get up, and grab The Formula.  Then you’ll get positive, and get going — yes, beyond mere “inspiration”…and into realms of exciting life increase!

Tom Danheiser
Associate Producer – Coast To Coast AM with George Noory

“Wow!! Pete Siegel’s newest work here provides soul nourishing, truly life changing, power-packed pages of empowerment info delivered short, sweet n’ to the point…A great shot-in-the-arm read that you’ll want to revisit again and again…and again!”

Nicole Whitney
Producer / Host / Founder of News For The Soul – (The #1 Life Changing Talk
Radio Show in the world according to Google & AOL).

Here’s What “The Formula”© Gives You

            “The Formula”© packs a serious life transforming mental and spiritual wallop! It’s a 41 page, mega-success inciting, e-book.  (Click here to read The Formula’s table of contents). It’s not “new age banter” but Biblically substantiated Life Truth.  Yes, the Truth involved in specifically how to use your mind power, faith, imagination and will to precisely forge the subconscious framework that naturally transforms true aspiration into tangible, observable reality.

            It’s not “metaphysical philosophy”, but uses a Bible verse from Mark 11:23-25 as a non-denominational, creation unfoldment directive.  Let me tell you – personally and clinically, for decades now, I have found this directive infallible; it provides the basis for the 7 steps of “The Formula”©.

“The Formula” is destined to become a classic must read self improvement book and a must have in today’s world. The process of directly engaging the Power Of Manifestation, by performing step’s 1-7 in the book, will convert your “acorn” into a physically manifested, mighty “oak”. I am truly indebted to Pete here for my own personal growth, and the growth of The Achievement Radio Network!

Don G. Weyant
Founder & CEO – Achievement Radio

The simple equation of Believe, Conceive and Achieve is The Formula’s secret. And Pete Siegel empowers your mind into the “ready, set, go” mentality as soon as you’ve read the first line!  Speaking from experience, this book is a wonderful success guide for ladies – from the beauty queen, to the professional woman!

Vidushi Babber, M.D. (psychiatrist)
Host; The Winning With Wellness Show (Voice America)
Ms Texas 2007

            There is no guesswork for you at all (as is the case with all Pete Siegel personal development programs).  Meticulous instructions and directions make everything super easy for you to understand, apply and perform for maximum personal results.

            There is no “Well, that kinda’ stuff works for others, but I don’t know about it working for me.”  (If you have a functional mind, a desire for more and better, and the capacity to believe, imagine, and apply yourself as per directions…”The Formula”© will help you bring forth what you truly want – as measurably as it has for clients I’ve taught it to for almost 2 decades now!)

            And there is no “How can I be sure this ‘stuff ‘ really works.”  Hey — you’re either  intentionally using your mind to enrich and advance yourself — or, you’re just idly allowing it to sustain your current situation.  (Yes — allowing it to keep your true desires – what you really want – mere daydreams, fantasies, and/or wishful/hopeful thinking.)  And as you think about this now, I’m sure you recognize you can do a lot better with your mind than this…can’t you!

            Perhaps part of the key to success in life is intelligence.  But I’ll tell you right here – without question – a more decisive part is learning how to deliberately apply your mind toward producing personal increase and advancement.  Indeed, this is exactly what “The Formula”© provides and teaches you!

In “The Formula”©, Pete Siegel reaches back to New Testament verses from
Mark for “instructions,” then powerfully and simply takes his reader through
the 7 Steps anyone can use to decidedly (and inexorably) create all the aspects
of the life they want!

Through a truly enthusiastic and personable style, Siegel straightforwardly gives
his readers detailed steps for redesigning their lives utilizing poignant, ageless wisdom.

He gives human emotions a place of honor, which I love! Don’t call me early in the
morning or right before my bedtime: I’m working my way through the 7 steps of
“The Formula”©― (Then, I have to go and get all new clothes for my magically
slimmed-down middle-aged body!)

Ilene L. Dillon, M.S.W.
Author: Happiness is a Decision of the Heart
Host of World Talk Radio’s “Full Power Living” Show

“The Formula”© is a brilliant and simple book that delivers the ultimate manifestation formula.  The exponential value you will get from applying Pete’s book will blow your mind!  Implement Pete Siegel’s ideas now if you have a desire to manifest anything!”

Peggy McColl
Author – New York Times Best Seller “Your Destiny Switch”

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Profound Personal Gain And Improvement Await You Now Through Using
“The Formula”©.
The Sooner You Choose Personal Life Increase Now,
The Sooner “The Formula”© Will Start Dramatically Helping You!

            “Your life comes to embody the ideals you reinforce most.”  This quote’s message can either work brilliantly for you.  Or, through ignorance, neglect, and self limiting thinking, work against you (i.e., keeping the joy, fulfillment and acquisition you say you want a far off im-probability).

            “The Formula”© makes the preceding quote work for you, powerfully and demonstrably.  It provides you the exact, step by step, application framework that brings profound personal increase richly into your life.  A Bible quote I’ve used for enrichment and empowerment for years now relates: “Ask, and it will be given to you.”  (This is found in Matthew 7:7).  And now, through “The Formula”©, you’re going to learn exactly how to “ask” — yes, in a way that fully engages the awesome Power Of Manifestation — so what you want becomes a real, actual, physically experienced fact!  (I give you my complete and unconditional guarantee — this is implicitly what you can Count On through applying the incredible process “The Formula”© provides you!)

“This is the book the world has been waiting for! In this fast-paced world, this book comes through in the clutch like none other. The reason I use the term “clutch” is because I work in the sports television industry. Talk about a competitive field; my job is similar to the sports I cover. There is always someone right behind you who wants to take your job.

Well, after reading “The Formula”©, someone may end up with my job — but only because I will probably leave it behind on my way up! This book first made me look at what I did to achieve my current position. After I did that, I realized I have a choice to take myself even further.

The choice is mine, and Pete’s book tells you how to make that choice and succeed with it. His proactive thinking, positive attitude, and his relentless approach rubs off on you in the first page! You don’t want to put it down, and with it being only 40 pages, why should you?

This is nothing like anything I have ever read. It’s progressive, it’s attentive, and it is thorough. It won’t be long before everyone is reading Pete’s newest material here. I would just advise you to be one of the first. It may just change your life… for the better!”

Joe McLaughlin
Senior Sports Producer – WCBS TV (NY)

Here’s What To Do Now…

            Just go ahead and fill in your name and email address in the fields below, then click the submit button to order “The Formula”©. (In a moment, you’ll see the ridiculously low price you’ll pay!)  Then, you’ll be able to download, and start using “The Formula”© e-book in less than 10 minutes!

            Go ahead and do this now so you start engaging the process directly enabling you to get what you truly want in life!

            And, for ordering right now, you’ll also get the following six MP3 downloads – all FREE – providing you Pete Siegel nationally – and internationally – broadcast life tips for incredibly successful living – that have all been proven to produce skyrocketing personal success, and life advancing results!

I’ve had the pleasure of having Pete Siegel on my two shows, and wow; his on air presence is as powerful as his new book The Formula!

I‘ve actually been personally reading and applying The Formula, and have enjoyed many surprising, and decisive results in my practice and shows. This is a fully inspiring, life transforming book that I recommend highly. It’s a must buy; it will change your life. Thank you Pete for this wonderful, empowering program!

Anna Robles
Host: The Manifesting Truth Show – Contact Talk Radio

Pete Siegel’s The Formula is the perfect road map to the life you should be living. Faith based and easy to grasp, this book shows you how to make your wildest dreams come true. Get it today!

Mignonne Wright
Editor In Chief
Chicken Soup For The Soul Magazine

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Free Bonus Gift #1:  Mega-Podcast:
                                            Super Human Self Confidence

           Dr. Joe Vitale (star of The Secret) interviews Pete Siegel on the dynamics of developing maximum strength confidence.

            You’ll learn how to cultivate total self belief, how to tap into power and capabilities you didn’t even know you possessed, and you’ll learn the essential key to staying on track with any kind of self improvement process — all the way through to resounding success.

            [*There’s even a heavy-duty NLP personal confidence building exercise Pete Siegel takes you through in the middle of this broadcast!]

            This podcast has been listened to by over 350,000 people worldwide!

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Free Bonus Gift #2:  Power Packed Radio Broadcast: Taking Yourself To The Next Level: Overcoming The Illusion Of “Can’t”!

            This is the compelling radio interview Adrienne Soresi (talk show host on WOND 1400AM) did with Pete on how to take charge of your future, how to become your own leader, how to become pro-active (and self directed toward success), how to do for your self what you’ve been depending on others to do — and how to start each day filled with the solid determination to advance, improve, and personally triumph.

            This high energy, thoroughly info-packed Pete Siegel interview explains the critical factors involved in becoming your own leader.  Yes – so you start to take charge of doing those things that will make your life rich, satisfying, and complete.

            [*This station re-broadcasted this interview 4 separate times!]

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Free Bonus Gift #3:  Mega-Podcast: Don’t Let Your Frustration Kill Your Dreams

            Here, Jo Condrill, host of “Taking Charge Of Your Life” interviews Pete Siegel on how to stay motivated, determined, positive, and resolved to achieve your dream — despite any kind of circumstance, or seeming set-back that might occur.

            You’ll learn about developing the mind-set of excellence, the will that can not be slowed down or stopped, success keys to thriving and advancing in corporate America, the spiritual components to achieving ultimate success, making yourself worry and self-doubt proof, and changing the idea of “failure” into the notion of “an outcome that is now my teacher”.

            This hard hitting, information packed podcast continues to be broadcast from to an ever increasing worldwide listenership.

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Free Bonus Gift #4:  Mega-Podcast: Mental “Secrets” To Losing Weight, And Keeping It Off

            Nicole Whitney, the wildly popular host of does an in depth interview with Pete Siegel on the inner factors essential to weight loss success.

            You’ll learn about changing the cause responsible for why you gain weight in the first place (instead of solely focusing on losing body weight), the pre-meal strategy that makes you conscious of what – and how much – you eat, forming the critical weight loss success self image, stopping urges and cravings dead in their tracks, and cutting the “fat” out of your thinking, so it naturally disappears from your body.

            [*This emotion charged, uniquely informative podcast has been listened to by over 450,000 people worldwide via’s Life Talk Network.]

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Free Bonus Gift #5:  Mega-Podcast:
                                            Street Smart Spirituality™

            Dr. Pat Baccili, host of “The Dr. Pat Show” on BBS Radio, Voice America, and KKNW 1150 AM interviews Pete Siegel on bottom line spiritual connections involved in experiencing – and maintaining – day to day personal success.

            Pat Baccili’s charm, wisdom and experience – combined with Pete Siegel’s results proven life tips and strategies, made this podcast an incredible informational overview on spiritual connections and practices that help you conquer fear, move yourself ahead in life, move from life reactor to life initiator, make the future your friend, learn how to say what you really mean (directly and confidently), learn how to use the Law Of Manifestation exclusively positively, and learn how to receive wisdom, guidance and direction from within.

            Even Dr. Pat herself got caught up in Pete Siegel’s depth of wisdom and life mastery as he explained cutting edge concepts in life empowering, precise detail.

            [*This broadcast continues to be listened to by hundreds of thousands worldwide via BBS radio, and Voice]

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Free Bonus Gift #6:  Mega-Podcast:
                                            Fully Conquering “Bad Luck”

            Ilene Dillon, host of “Full Power Living” on World Talk Radio interviews Pete Siegel on freedom from bad luck, and how to reverse negative mind-sets so life can come to bless you.

            Ilene Dillon’s 30 years experience as a psychotherapist, combined with Pete Siegel’s 28 years of wisdom and clinical experience as a transformational hypnotherapist made this broadcast magical! You’ll learn about the causes of “bad luck”, how to stop these causes dead in their tracks, how to form good luck stimulating mind-sets, and how to embrace the success presumptive attitude that is the precursor to having positives consistently unfold into your life!

            Pete Siegel’s vibrant detail in explaining his concepts, driven by his exceedingly powerful, thought provoking communication style, made this podcast something you will refer to over and over…for the rest of your life!

            [*This broadcast continues to be listened to by hundreds of thousands worldwide via World Talk]

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“Pete Siegel’s book “The Formula”© is the vehicle that will enable you to be the best you can be. Step by step, this profound, wisdom laced book helps you directly plant empowering mental seeds – yes — seeds for a better life that will help you grow emotionally professionally and spiritually.

The Secret gives you a framework for positive thinking. “The Formula”© gives you the mental muscle to put behind positive thinking…so that life clearly delivers!

Lansdale Franklin
Editorial/Creative Director
Chicken Soup For The Soul Magazine

“Whew! Pete’s no-nonsense ‘little’ formula is biblically based and designed to blow the lid off your limits! Strap yourself in and read this one NOW!”

Dr. Joe Vitale
Author: “The Attractor Factor” and “Zero Limits”, and star of The Secret.

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“The Formula”©
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