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What if I told you there is one simple thing that 99% of the people in this world do not know how to do that the 1% of successful people have mastered? Would you believe me?

Do you want to learn how this forgotten method of mental preparation has boosted athletes’ performance levels by over 300%?

Are you wondering if this is applicable to somebody like yourself to improve your quality of life and finally be the successful individual you have always wanted to become by just devoting 3 minutes of your time everyday?

This is 100% legal and approved by WADA

“You’re a fat lazy kid who will never be successful.”

Not only was I being bullied by adults in my life but I was also picked on by the “cool kids” at school.  

When I was a child, I remember showering after football practice and all the kids pointed and laughed every time as they called me “saggy boy tits” and “hairless scrotum.”

Until one lucky day I stumbled upon this simple trick! It had been in my face for many years but I just couldn’t see it!

This trick was so mind-blowingly simple and powerful. It absolutely changed my life though. It was like someone gave me a shot of testosterone straight into my body and I swear I was stronger and more confident each workout I did from that day on.

 I didn’t know what was going on, but later on I found out how this hack specifically can boost a male’s testosterone by 530% and their strength by 53%!

Again, this super effective trick takes only 3 MINUTES PER DAY! Sounds too good to be true?

Read on my friend, and I will show you HOW IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Now, I know this might seem kind of out there and far fetched to you… yet, you’ll see how I thought the same as you but instead was completely astonished.

I would hate for you to be one of the 99% of males slowly feminizing themselves in current society.

Specially if you want to build the chiseled physique that you have always wanted and have the testosterone levels of a bodybuilder.

I know what you are thinking, how did you almost doom your entire life by not following this small 3 minute secret?

Sounds crazy? Maybe… However, I would hate for you to be in the position I was in with the mistakes I made.

I used to get constantly bullied for the way I was, the way I looked and the way I even talked.

Not only was I being bullied by my teachers and other adults but I was also picked on by the “cool kids” at school. I remember getting spit on, having my shoelaces tied together and even being beat up constantly.

This wasn’t a confidence booster for me growing up at all. I thought that everyone around me was better than me and that I deserved what I was getting.

Although I hated every minute of it, I felt so worthless that I never thought there was anything I could do to stop it.

I had fallen in the trap that 99% of men fall into. Being complacent and not demanding the respect an alpha male needs to succeed.

“Will I ever have a chiseled body like the guys in the magazines?”

“Will my testosterone levels ever be enough to attract the opposite sex?”

“Should I just give up on everything and become even more overweight and hide from the world?”

These were supposed to be the highlight years of my life…Yet I found myself extremely unhappy and without the ability to do anything meaningful with my life.

To top it all off, now that I know what it’s like to have high testosterone, a monster mindset and be a dominating alpha male I realize a few things.

I wanted answers, how come I had man boobs and did not have the body many chiseled guys had? How can my DNA just forget what being a man is all about?

And then, the worst things happened. Just when I thought things couldn’t get worse, I was put into the special education unit in school along with the kids who had mental disabilities. The school bullies called this “the retard room.” I was in tears, I was devastated. From this moment on I was fed up with being  the loser that life had picked me out to be. This is the moment I decided that I would choose my own life on my terms….

The more I began researching on how I could change my life the more I saw that the change had to occur within me.

I thought: “Doesn’t having high testosterone involve using supplements, taking testosterone injections or even come genetically?”

I was introduced to the weight room in my teen years and saw that if you weight trained properly you could transform your body and increase your strength easily.

Girls started liking me, I started gaining tremendous amounts of muscle mass, my testosterone levels kept increasing and I was becoming one of the alpha males around my peers.

I continued to summon this ability I called “THE GREAT WHITE” but did not really understand what was going on. 

I wish  knew at the time how I could maximize it to its full potential. 

As I dug deeper into the research, I realized… Have I had the solution to my problems in my hands the entire time? Here is what I discovered!

A 2004 scientific study called:

‘Mental Power To Muscle Power–Gaining Strength By Using The Mind’  

revealed astonishing data for any performance based male looking to get the edge over their competition.

You’re probably asking yourself: “How did they do that and how can I do the same?”

You will get all the benefits like;

attraction from the opposite sex,

exponential muscle growth, strength. growth and strength. without the side effects of using a steroid or a supplement.

Do you think they had anabolic drugs thousands of years ago!?

NO! Ancient warriors and hunters had to survive and protect their people by having an evolutionary advantage and using hacks like these in order to be the alpha rulers.

They needed to summon their “monster mindset” in order to hunt and defend themselves against predators; in order to be at the top of the food chain to feed their villages.

Without evolutionary advantages like this mankind would have been extinguished a very long time ago!

When I came across this research, I was able to see why I was such a loser growing up and now I understood that the answer was in front of me the entire time.

Every answer I needed to increase testosterone, gain muscle and become a leading alpha male was wrapped up in this ancient blueprint.

They had heard about how much success I had experienced in professional strongman, wrestling and bodybuilding and they were wondering how I did it. As we chatted a little bit more it was a gentleman by the name of Wilson Meloncelli.

Wilson was shocked at how I had been successful at three professional athletic careers when most people cannot even be successful at one!

When I explained to him a little bit about my life he noticed some big similarities between what I called my “GREAT WHITE” and what he knew as “THE FLOW STATE.”

The difference was that mine was very rough around the edges.

Wilson had MASTERED his methods and travelled around the world teaching CEO’s, athletes and high performers these strategies.

This is the combination of “THE GREAT WHITE” and “THE FLOW STATE.”

I did not need to spend long at all in order to get into this zone anymore and I was having shorter more productive workouts.

My strength shot up dramatically, my muscle mass increased, my sex life was improved, fat was being burned off my body like a furnace and I got in the best shape of my life at age 42.

It was like a huge breath of fresh air, the ONLY thing I had changed was mastering the skills that Wilson introduced me to with his “Monster Mindset” principles.

The best part was that my entire life was revamped and improved by literally adding a new strategy that took 3 MINUTES A DAY.

I began experiencing enhanced vascularity and my muscles felt pumped all the time.

It was like taking a pre-workout supplement every hour! It was amazing!

They would ask me if I was getting ready for another bodybuilding show but I was actually just taking time off from competing and enjoying life. Yet, when I introduced them to the “MONSTER MINDSET” they too began experiencing the same results I did.

Which showed me that the entire world NEEDS TO LEARN ABOUT THIS SECRET!

This is what he had to say:

“Now, we have all seen wrestling hundreds of times growing up. Back when I was growing up, Hulk Hogan was the star that all of us wanted to become!

But after watching this film something left me with my jaw on the floor!

It was the scene in Lucha Mexico where Jon was going to the gym to workout.


Do you want to know what I saw!?

His facial expression would change every turn of the wheel and it was almost like he was putting himself in a state of meditation.

This being evolved right before my eyes and I could feel an aura of energy around him.

For me, that face of focus and evolved state of being is common.

The sense of deep presence and razor targeted focus is what I have been training and teaching individuals for 23 years.

I was fascinated that this man was practicing the teachings that I have been showing others.

This is why I needed to reach out to Jon. It was as if he had been trained by someone else who had studied my methods, so I was intrigued to find out who!”

Once Wilson and I started interacting more, we instantly clicked!

And this is when we knew that we had to teach men like you how to become alpha males, reach peak testosterone levels and maximize your potential!

Available for the first time for MEN serious about changing their life:

These are the men who always carry a gut, have puffy nipples and store most their fat around their chest and belly.

Just 3 minutes per day and you’ll see better results than the other 99% of people that are in the gym!

By the 3rd week you’ll feel your sex drive skyrocket, your muscles will be harder and you will be more vascular. All you have to do is follow the meditation protocols before your workouts in order to prime your body and the rest takes care of itself.

Most men think that they will see more muscle gains and have higher testosterone by just working out longer, taking supplements and training harder.

What they do not realize is that all these things can actually suppress the most important factors needed to gain muscle if taken to the extremes! OUR HORMONES!

There is a reason why many pro athletes inject themselves with hormones.

They want that edge that the others don’t have.

Well, what if I told you that  you didn’t have to use steroids or any supplements in order to boost your muscle building hormones faster than you can get your hands on illegal substances!?

This is all possible when you maximize your male hormones and change your mindset.

Listen, my journey was not easy. It was very hard changing my attitude and mindset from growing up all my life a loser. I spent hours wondering what was wrong with me.

Yet, after wasting a lot of time trying to figure it out on my own, I have perfected the “MONSTER MINDSET.”

I must warn you though, this is not for everybody!

First, I will confess. You won’t look like Stallone in Rocky 3.

Not even a week of training could get you those shredded abs and massive arms.

Honestly, nothing could ever get you results that fast. NOT EVEN THE MOST POWERFUL STEROIDS!

If you are one of those guys who enjoys going out for long runs on the treadmill and religiously goes to their Saturday morning yoga class, then this program is not for you.

If you are okay with having other men have the things that you want like large amounts of muscle, a great sex life and you like to be the beta male that just follows…You can leave this letter right now.

And if you are one of those guys who are lazy and unmotivated that quits after 3 days because they get bored of the gym, please stop reading this right now and find something else to focus your attention on.

Never again will you experience low self confidence, decreased sex drive and being a follower of the alpha males! You yourself will become the alpha male!

The exact meditation experience that I do every time I go to the gym. I see this as part of my workout and it is never missed. Why? Because without the Monster Mindset I would not be where I am today.

The science and research behind how you can achieve your intended goals and develop the monster mindset.

11 powerful techniques that will maximize your focus in order to dive deep into the Monster Mindset.

Monster mind Recovery meditation. A simple meditation practice that triggers the release of nitric oxide and acts as a powerful vasodilator. This will flush out the build up of lactic acid.

The Monster mindset meditations use binaural beats of 7.83 hz & 4.5hz. We blend these into your meditations to accelerate your brain frequency in order to trigger your optimal performance state.

The ideal times to perform your Monster mindset meditation ritual. This will give you the edge over the inner fears you may subconsciously have.

How you can lose weight without changing your current diet or training plan. Only by adding these techniques.

The full power of nitric oxide and what correct nasal breathing actually looks like. This will skyrocket your performance in training and in the bedroom.

How to adapt the MONSTER MINDSET to boost your performance in a specific sport. I will teach you a method that will trigger you into this state while improving your agility.

Unlock unlimited amounts of energy and focus. It’s like you have found a hidden well of energy with your name on it.

 How to lower cortisol with the meditations. This will wash away unnecessary stress, anxiety and tension.

How to maximize your libido. Learn how breathing will boost your nitric oxide and testosterone production so you can have a locked bedroom door for days!

Using the meditations to increase your metabolic rate so you can burn unwanted body fat around the clock.

Unlock unlimited amounts of energy and focus. It’s like you have found a hidden well of energy with your name on it.

However, I really wanted to sweeten the pot for you and make this a no-brainer. Virtually guaranteeing your success from here on out. That’s why I’ve decided to include these four never before released value-added-bonuses below…

Clear and easy to follow plan of attack. What specific mental rehearsals must be done and when to do them in order to maximize your workouts.

List of exercises, with sets & reps that you will be rehearsing prior to your workout. This ensures that your subconscious mind manifests success onto the real world.

Allows you to keep track of your Monster Mindset training so you can witness your strength increase week after week.

The amazing story of Jon Andersen. This book has detailed chapters on how Jon overcame and smashed through the obstacles he found on his Monster Mindset journey.

Jon will explain exactly how to go beyond your challenges as he did. He went from a very overweight unmotivated individual to becoming a professional at 3 athletic careers.

Jon goes into great detail about his exact protocols for nutrition, training and recovery in order to get the body many can only dream of and the testosterone levels of a god.

However, since I see such a need for something like this in current males like yourself and I am releasing it to the public for the first time, I want to make a huge impact.

I am seeking out 200 personal testimonials and transformation pictures for my OFFICIAL launch of the program later on this year.

I know that what you are currently doing is not working for you.

But with the changes this program will have you making, the only thing you will regret is not having started sooner. The boosts in testosterone and masculinity will have you become a completely revamped version of yourself.

I understand you’re a busy guy so I want to give you a full 60 days to begin this process.

It’s super easy to follow and it just takes 3 minutes a day.

If you do, you will experience results and notice improvements in your physique instantly.

In just a small amount of time your sex drive and energy levels will be through the roof!

I am taking this risk because I have helped thousands experience happiness through the way these methods enriched their sex life, their physique, their self esteem and overall confidence. I am taking this risk for you, will you take this small risk to change your life?

 If you were to add it all up this would cost less than buying a 24 pack of beer, or going out to the bar with your friends for one night.

 Think about it, in just the first few days you will begin to notice changes and so will others. You will begin to notice the fat melting off and muscle definition coming through more.

The muscles in your arms and chest will begin to appear more vascular and pumped when you look in the mirror. You will regain the libido you had when you were in your teenage years and in the best shape of your life.

Without making a change and having subpar levels of testosterone, you will continue being unhappy.

The only hope you have is that in time after so many years of going to the gym and doing the same workouts you will finally begin to see some progress.

Even though deep down you know that the progress you are making is slower than a turtle. You can keep lying to yourself hoping that one day you will have the dream body you have always wanted.

But, I am telling you, if you do not make these changes that 99% of successful alpha males make, your testosterone will plummet and you will be depressed.

There is a reason why not everyone can be an alpha male, the world can only handle so many dominant rulers. Not everybody can have high testosterone; but do not make yourself one of these individuals who does not live life to their full potential. Living life as an alpha male is not easy, but it is 100x funner and more rewarding!

It’s an amazing feeling specially when you feel like this is what you truly were meant to be like. As opposed to being a beta male.

However, let me be honest with you…

The sad truth is that 90% of men who will try to figure this out on their own will fail. Only 1 out of those 10 will get it. They are the lucky ones who by chance were able to discover it. I do not want the odds to be against you!

Do you want to risk being a part of the 9 out of 10 guys that do not succeed?

The last choice you can pick is…

Plus, the benefits of living life as a dominant alpha male, having more energy and a higher sex drive are something pretty fun too. I do have to admit, it is nothing like taking steroids, but who wouldn’t want this huge change to their life for such a small investment?

Just imagine yourself in only a few weeks from now looking in the mirror, smiling at the progress you’re seeing and wishing that you would have found this program sooner. You will finally start having the abs you have always wanted, and have the confidence to go shirtless at pool parties and be confident about it. To feel like a true alpha male again, full of energy and it all begins TODAY! DO NOT WASTE TIME ANY LONGER!

Jon & Wilson’s unique form of mental rehearsal training is developed through scientific studies proven to improve performance, strength and boost testosterone.  These are the exact same steps all the professional elite of the world have taken. Until today, nobody has taught these strategies to the general public.

What is the purpose of THE MONSTER MINDSET?

The purpose of THE MONSTER MINDSET program is to expose the secret of what all extra ordinary alpha males do. This is how Arnold Schwarzenegger achieved all his great feats and exactly how Jon became a world renowned strongman, a pro wrestler fighting in some of the biggest shows in the world and now one of America’s top IFBB Professional bodybuilders. Jon did not do his first bodybuilding show until he was 42 years old; imagine picking up a sport out of the blue at this age. Well, the amazing part is that Jon won the overall award at his first show, did his 2nd show 16 weeks later and earned the overall award again and the prestigious highly sought after IFBB Pro Card. Jon has proven that limitations are just in the mind, and that you can achieve great things no matter what your past was like. THE MONSTER MINDSET is meant to teach you the exact way successful people think so you too can live out your dreams.

Can anyone do these MONSTER MINDSET exercises?

1. Only individuals who are serious about changing their current situation and living their greatest life will see success from this. The program is designed for guys who already have experience lifting weights. Although we do provide you with certain exercise suggestions, this is more of a training program for your mind. So if you are injured, beginning, or older in age you can 100% do the program as long as you are serious about your results and make the appropriate modifications. Anybody can achieve THE MONSTER MINDSET as long as they are committed to it!

It depends how consistent you are with the program and how dedicated you are to fully following directions. These exercises are very strong and a lot of people report an immediate change in state. On average, most people see results within 2 weeks of following the 3 minute routines.

How can I record my progress?

Inside you program you will receive an easy to use wall chart to record your progress and mental clarity. But, the real proof will be your performance during and after every training session.

What if it doesn’t work for me?

If you don’t notice a difference, just send me an email and I’ll be more than happy to issue you a refund. No questions, no hassles. I am doing this to help out men like yourself who are struggling to be happy and live the life of an alpha male.

Who is Jon and how did he discover THE MONSTER MINDSET?

Jon is a former professional wrestler and strongman. He is currently a professional champion bodybuilder, author, and motivator. Jon grew up a fat nonathletic, little boy who was searching for greatness in the bottom of the cookie jar.  With a very low self-esteem and an obesity problem, Jon was a very easy target for the neighborhood and schoolyard bullies. Through a series of events spanning years, Jon finally said enough is enough and decided to buckle down and work hard for what he believed at the time was only a dream.

As Jon developed a work ethic that was virtually unmatched, he started to realize that reaching his dreams could be a reality. His journey was filled with trial and error which ultimately produced an organic system of reaching very large goals. Jon not only became a professional Strongman that was internationally recognized, but he also moved on to a bigger platform of professional wrestling in Japan. Here he was performing for hundreds of thousands of people. He continued to forge his path even further on to bodybuilding where he became the third man in history to earn a professional status in only two contests.

Jon had developed a mental technique that helped him perform at his best named “The Great White.” It had similar principles to THE MONSTER MINDSET but was very rough around the edges and needed much help. When Jon Andersen and Wilson Meloncelli hooked up, that is when Jon learned the true secrets to unlocking the mind. Between the two of them, they perfected this system that is used by the top successful people in the world.

 About 10 seconds to a few minutes. After your purchase, you’ll get instant access to the entire MONSTER MINDSET program and all your bonuses. You can download it to your computer and start increasing your testosterone straight away. Nothing is shipped in the mail so you don’t have to wait through any long fulfilment process for your program to arrive. Plus, doing it this way allows me to offer you the entire system at a reduced price, which is a bonus point for you.

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Can I use PayPal to check out?

Yes. You can securely purchase THE MONSTER MINDSET using your PayPal account or any major debit or credit card.

Will I be billed more than once?

No. THE MONSTER MINDSET is a one-time secure payment and you’ll own the program forever.

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The Secret to Become an Alpha Male by Jon Andersen | Monster Mindset is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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