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Learn skills and techniques to help you get ‘out of your head’ and reconnect to your body’s innate pleasure and wisdom.

Have your first big O AND the know-how to access these ‘full body’ orgasmic states more consistently for yourself!

Understand and take the courageous steps necessary to naturally heal pain states (caused by physical, psychological and emotional trauma), on your road to healing.

Overcome emotional blocks and challenges like the pressure to perform or body shame.

Learn invaluable skills to super fast track your own results based on the power and the mastery that comes from understanding and combining BOTH clinical and holistic elements.

Men: you can learn ways to better understand the women in your world and how to access more orgasmic states of connection and pleasure – both solo and together.

Are you a “busy woman” who is just too busy to enjoy long-lasting exquisite pleasure and fabulous orgasms…often?Perhaps you have never before given yourself the permission to fully explore your body, your pleasure and your bliss?

Or, perhaps you just don’t have ‘the know how’ on where to begin to have fabulous orgasms?Did you know that being a MULTI-ORGASMIC goddess is your birthright?! And… that ALL women CAN learn how to access and claim this ability?!Well, if you can relate to being a ‘busy woman’, just don’t have the ‘know how’ or have yet to embody your full potential of the world of multi-orgasmic pleasure that is yours to claim…As the only Mother and Daughter sex-perts in Australia, Dr Jan and I are here for you.We are dedicated and passionate about helping ALL women (and the men who love them) to connect more deeply to themselves and each other and do so while being calm, centered, powerful and pleasure-filled.

The Busy Woman (stuck in her head and disconnected from her pleasure – heart and sex )

Mothers & Daughters (wanting to have permission granting and empowering conversations about sex)

Hot Blooded Women (who want unlimited access to their Pleasure Power consistently)

All Men who love Women (Men who are courageous enough to educate and empower themselves to better support themselves and the women in their world)

In this online course, throughout our video series of Women’s Pleasure Power, Dr Jan and I engage the listener as we speak honestly and openly about sex with each other as mother and daughter… AND… as fellow practitioners!

We cover the hot topics of:

FABULOUS ORGASMS FOR WOMEN:How You Can Have More Of Them For Yourself.

MYTH-BUSTING SEX:How To Blow Your Mind, Heart And Pleasure Wide Open

SELF-PLEASURE AS SELF-CARE:The Exquisite Art Of Solo Sex.

SEX TALK:Super Boost The Male, Female Connection.

SEXUAL HURTS:Healing Sexual Hurts; Body, Mind, Emotion & Energy

Looking at each of the 5 Video topics from both the ‘head’ ( Dr Jan – Clinical) and holistic, or ‘heart’ (Ella – Tantric) perspectives.

We talk about exactly how each and EVERY woman can learn how to access multi orgasmic states of pleasure powerfully for herself!We share candidly with you our own personal journeys of sexual awakening –the courageous steps we have both taken as women to educate, empower and liberate our own pleasure.Taking into account that I am a holistic practitioner, Tantric and in my late 30’s and Dr Jan is a clinically based Ph.D and a wise 70 years old – there is Gold shared here for everyone to learn from and relate to.

In the Women’s Pleasure Power Online Video Series Gold Course we give some detailed examples of the brave women who have stepped up to work with us in the past.

We share some of the practical steps they took and tools they learned, working with BOTH clinical and holistic elements, to ultimately liberate themselves and claim and embody their own pleasure power.

– So if you are a busy woman – stuck in her head, on autopilot and often feeling disconnected to her body and her pleasure.

– If you are a mother or a daughter – looking to educate and empower yourself and your significant other, to have free, beautiful loving and empowering conversations about sex.

– If you are a hot blooded woman – ready to take what you already know and how you embody it to the next level!!!

– Or, you are a man who loves the women in your world enough to educate and empower yourself.

We invite each and everyone of you to come on a conversational journey with us to Claim Your Pleasure Power NOW!

After watching the Women’s Pleasure Power Video Series, Anna said:“Women’s pleasure power puts things in perspective and opens up one’s understandings to where problems may lay and what to do to remedy these.The videos were heartfelt and informative and I loved the tantric and psychological aspects combined.”

Robert said:“Enlightening on so many levels!Needless to say there is something here for every man to learn.The videos are refreshingly honest and at times confronting but always empowering.I have a brand new perspective on womens bodies now and how I can better support the ladies I cherish to open more fully, like a ‘beautiful flower’”

Here’s what you will enjoy, learn from and be challenged by to help get you out of your head, and instead come home to your body, embrace your heart and unlock your innate pleasure power.

5 Professionally Mastered Videos that you can watch at your at your leisure – with lifetime access!

Each video comes with a Personal Self-Reflection Worksheet (PDF or Google Doc) so that you can go deep into self-enquiry and begin your own journey of awareness – activating, liberating, empowering and CLAIMING your own pleasure power for yourself!*You will also have the option to share your responses with the Sex-perts providing your answers in a Google Doc – should you wish to share your feedback (anonymity guaranteed)!

Each video comes with A Detailed PowerPoint Presentation of what Ella and Dr Jan say in each video, with amazing pictures to illustrate the information and help you to process it, personalise it and remember it!

Andrea, aged 19, was non-orgasmic and after watching the video only once, this is what she shared:“I had never had an orgasm and believed I was just one of the unlucky ones that never would.I shared this belief with my mum, who had been working with Dr Jan, and she showed me the video episode of Fabulous Orgasms for Women.I loved watching a mum and daughter share so openly.I ended up experimenting with some of the Tantric techniques that Ella shared in the video with my partner later that night and I had my first big O!!! I couldn’t believe it! I’m not broken!I’m excited to see what else I can learn and play with – Thank you Dr Jan and Ella”

Sheryl was carrying a lot of negative myths about sex and her right to access pleasure:“My mother taught me that to have premarital sex, get pregnant or to be drunk in public brought shame on me and the family.To preen, admire myself or be self consumed was an unnecessary luxury.To touch ‘down there’ was unacceptable behavior.Many of Mum’s attitudes came from her Mother who disliked men and told me they were not worth the effort.An Aunt also said that women were just a receptacle for men to dump their rubbish in!!!!!”Unfortunately… This kind of feedback is not unusual…After watching the Myth Busting Video Sheryl declared:“I refuse to let those negative beliefs limit my sex-life anymore!”

Before watching the Self-Pleasure Video Monica said:“I am a ‘busy’ woman who has never prioritized or spoilt myself – rather, I put others and/or duty first. I am not kind or thoughtful for myself and am quite harsh in my own verbal and everyday demands.In fact, I am not a nice friend to myself.”After Monica watched the video and put the ideas into practice, she said:“Self-pleasuring/self care has been a relatively new experience for me.I feel I’m still finding my way, not only in my head but in my body.Finding time, being in the right mood and with the carry-over of the shame/taboo feelings about it, have meant I really have to focus on being gentle with me and making the time to make love to myself!”

Before watching the Sex Talk Video Fiona said:“I’ve just realized we don’t talk about sex at all!We do really need to share things we do and don’t enjoy but we are often too guarded or forced to be very quiet in a small house with the kids.”After watching the video Fiona was much more positive.“Now we are making the effort to say what feels good and make some more sound (even if quietly because of the kids) and that’s a good start.Things are already feeling different…”

Chrissie (aged 72!) said:“Sex Talk was my favorite video for its honesty factors.Ella’s upfront personal approach and Dr Jan’s Trusts and Golden Rule were tops!”

After watching the Sex Hurts video, Mandy (a victim of sexual assault) said:“I now understand the subtle but nonetheless crucial influence my early negative sexual experience had on my views of sex, power, and relationships. I just sucked the painful memory down into the depths of myself and put it out of my mind.But it was there, just quietly waiting.I was too young to understand the impact it had on me then and there was no-one to talk to about it to help me make sense of it. I think it changed me and unconsciously, made me determined to protect myself and not be so vulnerable. I did this by not allowing myself to be hurt, by always keeping part of me back in any relationship.Hearing about similar painful sexual experiences and learning how other women have worked through them successfully has been life affirming.”

After viewing the Womens Pleasure Power Video Series Penny said:“So much is starting to make sense now. Thank you for this precious gift.I really feel that you are both so caring and tender, genuine and empathic to such sensitive subjects.So I thank you as this is what I have looked for over so many years!My sexual issues have been such a huge part of my life that has really depressed me and made me do lots of destructive things.These videos show your viewers your beautiful natures: show your passion for sexual healing (sorry but Marvin Gay just popped in my head!) and that you really do know what you are talking about, so thank you for making them.I have learned to listen to my body … it knows best.I now choose to be ‘sex curious’, to play my body as an instrument and let it sing!”

“Ella and Dr Jan taught with honesty and personal sharing of experiences plus sharing their extensive skills and knowledge.They have a great combo of expertise”

“I wish I had more of this knowledge before I was 39! My teen years could have been much better with more information and I’m very aware of my daughter having more resources and knowledge to make good choices and set healthy boundaries”.

“As a GP, I found this course enlightening and helpful professionally.I was shocked to hear some of the stories about poor advice and knowledge regarding sex by health professionals.As an individual, I found it extremely useful for myself and for my relationship.I have finished the course with many ideas to put into practice, and look forward to doing so.A whole new world has opened to me!”

Jan and I lovingly invite YOU to come and join the conversation with us, watching the 5 Videos in the online Women’s Pleasure Power Series.

100% Money Back Guarantee The Women’s Pleasure Power online Course has a 30-day, super easy money back guarantee. Take your time and experience the program for yourself. Make sure to watch all the videos and if you aren’t completely blown-away with what you learn, we will refund you every cent.

Our GIFTS to you are FREE – ONLY when you claim your Women’s Pleasure Power Online Video Series Gold Course.

As Pleasure Power Experts, with over 60 years experience between them, Dr Jan (PhD, Hypnotherapist and Sex Therapist) and Ella (Transformation Success Coach, Tantric Practitioner) have taught Sexual education and empowerment to thousands of people and receive messages from happily transformed individuals and couples every single day. There’s no need to worry that you’re an exception.If you remain curious and allow yourself to explore something new, we say:“It will work for you, too!”

Absolutely, we highly recommend this!We have created this content for women AND the men who love them.It is perfect for men who are open to having an even better understanding of knowing what their women might be experiencing, and how better to have beautiful, loving and empowering connections and conversations about everything pleasure, sex and love.Even if you’re a single man. All men can benefit knowing how best to connect and communicate with yourself first, and then connect even more deeply to the women in your world so that everyone feels safe, held, loved and empowered!

YES!We cannot emphasize it enough. This course will be extremely empowering for you, no matter your relationship status or your sexual orientation.You will be educated and inspired to take some of the suggestions and techniques on board that you can practice any time — with yourself first! You can then take these into practice later with your partner, a future partner, or you can just play as you explore more pleasure and saying YESSSS to you!

Knowledge is power and clarity power AMPLIFIED!Through understanding you are not alone and having access to a number of suggested tools/ techniques and varied approaches to clear mental, emotional and physical pain – natural healing states can be accessed more readily.Using Tantric techniques combined with clinical education have been proven to improve circulation and cure numbness in the physical body, as well as having dramatic influence on emotional healing and freedom in both the mind and body.Thus leading to a more relaxed nervous system and promoting feelings of greater self-acceptance and not feeling pressure to “perform” etc.

Pleasure Power is the magic that results when a man or woman grants themselves full permission to be educated and empowered to come out of their ‘head’ (the busy mind) and access instead their bodies (heart and sex) intrinsic peace, wisdom and full body pleasure states powerfully!Your ticket for guaranteed sexual fulfilment!

Claim Your Pleasure Power Courses work on all your devices with a web browser and internet access.

Pleasure Power Experts is the collective wisdom and life experience shared intimately by Dr Jan (PhD, Hypnotherapist and Sex Therapist) and Ella Hall (Transformational Life Coach, Tantric Practitioner) who are passionate and dedicated to bringing more pleasure into your life by offering you head meets heart (Clinical vs Tantric) online training courses and Podcasts (more coming soon!).

They have made it their life’s mission: to educate and empower ALL men and women to live their most liberated, pleasure filled and powerful lives; from the bedroom, to the boardroom and beyond!

Let’s face it, when it comes to having a better sex life, there’s still a whole lot of misinformation out there.

We know knowledge is power and CLARITY is power amplified.

So, Dr Jan and Ella, with over 60 years experience between them, want to shine a light on the myths and misinformation still holding us back. Break through the shame and taboo passed down through generations. Remind, realign and re-empower you with your freedom to CHOOSE – to live your birthright! As a wondrous multi-orgasmic being!

Sex is in no way a one size fits all – it is beautifully unique and once individuals are armed with the right information and empowered to USE it in a way that feels amazing to them – magic happens!

This is where head meets heart…

As a matter of integrity, in gratitude, please note: all pictures and names on testimonials have been changed to respect and protect the identity/ privacy of individuals. J&E

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Women's Pleasure Power – Pleasure Power Experts Pleasure Power Experts is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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